WWE is coming to Fortnite, Fall Guys

WWE is coming to Fortnite, Fall Guys

We’re now merely days transparent of SummerSlam taking on Nissan Stadium in Nashville, Tennessee, and that suggests WWE is doing its usual blitz of promotion for the massive fit. That comprises your usual interviews and what not alternatively we’re proper right here in recent years for something else completely.

A number one victory royale with none moderately than John Cena:

I stopped playing Fortnite when development got out of control and likewise you had to assemble a small community in the middle of a gunfight to stand a chance. On the other hand now that they’ve presented a zero Assemble mode, it may well be worth dropping once more into Greasy Grove with the Cena pores and pores and skin equipped.

They can’t see him, after all.

That’s not all WWE is doing throughout the gaming sphere, then again. No, they’re moreover headed to Fall Guys:

I have precisely one crown in Fall Guys, and that’s because of I shouldn’t have any patience for all you griefers to be had out there who don’t even try to win the damn game alternatively spend all your time grabbing me and retaining me from a hit. If that’s you, commentary underneath so I can ban you from the web site.

I’m kidding.

On the other hand considerably, fighting griefing me, damn it.

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