It is a pretty damn excellent Tommaso Ciampa promo

It is a pretty damn excellent Tommaso Ciampa promo

Triple H is heading up ingenious for the main roster now, so you know that implies a push for Tommaso Ciampa. Sure enough, he’ll be wrestling Bobby Lashley for the USA championship on Monday Evening time Raw this week.

In advance of as so much, WWE put out a promo he decrease at the back of the scenes at an area show over the weekend and it’s pretty damn excellent:

“I am not proper right here to take the remainder transparent of Bobby Lashley. He is a proud United States champion. The All Mighty One is not only a catchphrase, this can be a guy, Bobby Lashley, who is a national wrestling champion. Just about an Olympian, on the other hand third on the ladder. He is a hell of an MMA fighter … in Bellator, no longer the UFC. Bobby Lashley served in the USA Army on the other hand he is not a Marine. My stage is that Bobby Lashley always leaves just a little little little bit of room for any individual to be just a little bit upper than him. I am the most efficient sports activities actions entertainer of all time. I’m no longer merely excellent, I’m no longer merely great, I am the most efficient.

“And, and, and … I have the Miz factor by means of my side. And with Miz major one of the best ways, we’re talking a few guy who wasn’t just a United States champion he was once as soon as a world champion. He’s been throughout the ring with champions. He has Bobby Lashley scouted. The truth of the subject is Bobby Lashley doesn’t even know a part of what I’m in a position to in that ring. So with Miz major one of the best ways it is as excellent as gold. This Monday evening time on Raw you are looking at your new United States champion, Ciampa.”

The vertical video isn’t any excellent, and I will admit I just about broke out guffawing when he said he has the “Miz factor,” on the other hand this was once as soon as excellent. Proper right here’s to hoping the are compatible on Raw can also be even upper.

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