Some theories on the absence of Theory

Some theories on the absence of Theory

When ultimate we spotted Theory, he’d been F5-ed onto his Money inside the Monetary establishment briefcase at SummerSlam on July 30 in Nashville.

Beginning up ultimate Monday’s Raw to advertise that humiliation, and his loss to Bobby Lashley the identical night time time in Nissan Stadium, and the Roman Reigns burn from the Monday forward of (now available in men’s and ladies’s sizes!)… made sense. Then again two consecutive displays with nary some extent out of the youngest Mr. Money inside the Monetary establishment of all-time?

Ordinary, innit?

Obviously there’s such a lot going down in WWE at the moment. Triple H’s ascension to the creative & ability family members throne inside the wake of his sweetheart’s father’s resignation supplies us a variety of logical explanations for Theory’s absence. At the similar time, they provide us a lot more reasons to speculate about his long run:

• Is he being stored off our presentations for a while in hopes we won’t recall to mind him as Vince McMahon’s latest “decided on one” when he returns?

• Are they stalling for time while they decide what to do in regards to the briefcase, as it sort of feels extremely not really he’ll be taking each the WWE or Commonplace title off Reigns, let alone every?

• Would possibly simply this be some form of experiment to appear how lovers react? A approach to get feedback on one of the simplest ways to give you the 23 three hundred and sixty five days out of date when they do make a decision to put across him once more?

• He used to be as soon as signed when Triple H used to be as soon as nevertheless working NXT, so he’s just about undoubtedly an Haitch guy. Then again perhaps he isn’t?

• Did Dexter Lumis kidnap him? It wouldn’t be the principle time…

It can be “no longer some of the above”, and A-The city is solely down with an hurt. Then again love him or hate him, the longer Theory is off TV, the additional we’re gonna wonder what happened. It’s our nature as wrestling lovers.

Which is something Trips & staff seem to clutch. Would possibly simply they’ve disappeared Theory to get us to talk about him? Oh neatly, won’t be the principle time they’ve carried out me like a multitude round. Gained’t be the remainder each.

Let us know what you suppose, Cagesiders. Where’s Theory? When will he be once more? Do you even care?

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