Rumor Look Once more: Feb. 7 – 13, 2022

Rumor Look Once more: Feb. 7 – 13, 2022

Welcome to the weekly Rumor Look Once more, where we take a look on the rumors from six months prior to now and notice which carried out out as to begin with discussed. Let’s jump right kind to it.

February 7, 2022

  • Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful says one of the vital issues of Shane McMahon at Royal Rumble was once numbers got combined up and he got frustrated over the fact that Randy Orton knowledgeable him he wasn’t getting into to Shane’s theme song, so he upper get to be had out there.
  • That’s a super line from Randy. Alternatively mixing up the monitor/numbers is dangerous.
  • Additional on that: Each and every Vince McMahon and Brock Lesnar have been unhappy after they came upon of Shane’s original plans for the have compatibility, which we on no account ended up seeing because it didn’t happen.
  • What we spotted wasn’t good each.
  • Fightful Select says there were 9 normal treatment categories filmed for Alexa Bliss.
  • Looks like perfect six made air forward of she were given right here once more to attempt towards throughout the Elimination Chamber. (0/1)
  • On his podcast, Kurt Viewpoint claimed WWE was once going to ship him in for a three week program on the other hand that changed at the final 2nd and he doesn’t have a take care of the company anymore.
  • They’re steadily reaching out to Kurt Viewpoint in line with rumors.
  • The Observer says Laredo Kid has signed a take care of Impact Wrestling.
  • Seems like Laredo confirmed this prior to the rumor. It doesn’t seem like he works steadily with them without reference to that contract.

February 8, 2022

  • On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer discussed WWE officials spoke to Ronda Rousey after her promo on the Jan. 31 Raw. Rousey is being booked as a babyface, on the other hand her bitterness against the fans for turning on her throughout her final run resulted in her to return again all through as a heel. Her art work on SmackDown final week is how they would really like her to be going forward.
  • I don’t know if she thinks she’s working, or if she actually is angry that fans boo her on the other hand she’s gotta get better from that.
  • Regarding Tony Khan’s surprise debut for Wednesday’s Dynamite, Fightful Select’s assets on the AEW roster don’t know who it is on the other hand expect or now not it is Keith Lee.
  • It was once. He moreover presented in Jay White to fulfill the Forbidden Door issue he promised. (1/1)
  • Each and every Fightful and Wrestling Observer say it’s just about evidently not Jeff Hardy as a result of the time period left on his non-compete.
  • It was once not, even supposing he signed there as briefly for the reason that time allowed. (1/1)
  • Drew McIntyre is being stored robust for a feud with Roman Reigns after WrestleMania, consistent with Meltzer.
  • It wasn’t right kind after WrestleMania. It was once six months after. It’s subjective on the other hand the feud after WrestleMania make me think something in no time after WrestleMania. (0/1)
  • Marty “Boogeyman” Wright posted a video of him signing a WWE contract on social media. It does not show what type of deal it was once.
  • Maximum unquestionably some type of legends deal.

February 9, 2022

  • WrestleVotes says the Shane McMahon have compatibility WWE had planned for WrestleMania 38 was once in a top spot, and WWE is now looking for a “primary attraction” have compatibility to modify it.
  • I nevertheless need to pay attention the full story. Any individual had to had been introduced who was once spherical at the time and ready to talk all about it.
  • Moreover they are saying all the WrestleMania card continues to be in flux just a couple months out from showtime.
  • Now and again Manias seem set in stone and other years completely in flux.
  • For what it’s value, Matt Hardy claimed on his Twitch that Jeff Hardy turned into down WWE’s Hall of Recognition offer no less than partly on account of Jeff asked if Matt may also be getting into with him they generally discussed no.
  • The Hardys paint a story that WWE introduced Jeff prematurely and desperately tried to get him once more. That could be the case. Unfortunately, he ended up having to enter rehab another time, on the other hand we don’t know if that was once something happening when he was once nevertheless in WWE.
  • Ringside Knowledge is now claiming that Kurt Viewpoint was once on no account throughout the plans for WrestleMania and the three-week thought he mentioned prior to now was once just a pitch, and now not the rest that was once ever approved by the use of Vince McMahon.
  • I am questioning what that plan was once.
  • On the Fightful Grapsody podcast, Will Washington discussed he was once knowledgeable WWE put restrictions on the language used for Mickie James’ Royal Rumble glance, specifically that they may perfect say “Impact” as a substitute of “Impact Wrestling” they generally couldn’t use the time frame “Knockouts” when on the subject of her identify.
  • WWE and their restricted words. Despite the fact that that may be loosening.

February 10, 2022

  • On a up-to-the-minute PWTorch audio show, Wade Keller discussed his assets can’t check why Massive E was once moved from the main event scene to a midcard tag program, on the other hand he does know E could be very thought to be throughout the locker room, and the sentiment there may be that E doesn’t deserve his provide treatment.
  • It was once bullshit is what it was once. And then that program resulted in a broken neck. So shitty all through.
  • WWE’s unused pitch for Kurt Viewpoint would have noticed him involved throughout the RK-Bro/Alpha Academy feud. Fightful Select says Monday’s Educational Downside would’ve been known as the “3 I’s Downside,” and Viewpoint would have served as specific customer referee for a have compatibility at Elimination Chamber.
  • That can have worked since he has the Olympian connection with Gable and history in NXT with Riddle (referring the principle FIGHT PIT).
  • WWE was once trying out a brand spanking new production technique throughout this week’s NXT, in line with PW Insider. They might a cameraperson throughout the ring while one of the crucial a very powerful suits have been happening.
  • I might imagine that can be distracting to the wrestlers.
  • Jackass’ Steve-O printed he was once at Royal Rumble for Johnny Knoxville’s glance, on the other hand had to pass away when he tested certain for COVID.
  • That’s a shame. Fanatics would have favored that.
  • Protecting the Shane McMahon/Royal Rumble rumor streak alive, Fightful reviews Randy Orton gave Shane a “verbal cue” he wouldn’t be going out when their get right of entry to numbers got switched. That cue? Orton was once “if truth be told rolling on the ground, laughing his ass off.”
  • I love the existing stories we get about Randy.

February 11, 2022

  • Any individual who witnessed the in the back of the scenes chaos involving Shane McMahon at Royal Rumble 2022 knowledgeable Mat Men’s Andrew Zarian that “there’s a bigger story to this, and in all probability someday it’ll come out.”
  • Very so much having a look forward to it.
  • Zarian claims to clutch for a indisputable fact that WWE is now taken with Jade Cargill after seeing her perform on AEW television.
  • Why wouldn’t they be? She’s a celeb.
  • Wrestling Observer Radio’s Dave Meltzer discussed Drew McIntyre is not 100% recovered from his neck issues. He’s nevertheless doing rehab and gained’t art work area displays for now. The idea is to stick him on television on the other hand with a lighter workload.
  • He stuck spherical on the other hand he seemed to art work a beautiful consistent agenda. (1/2)
  • Ringside Knowledge was once knowledgeable that WWE determined on Shane McMahon’s WrestleMania exchange when they sent him area.
  • Who was once he intended to face?
  • WWE in recent times filed to trademark “Kelly Kincaid” and “WWE Sunday Stunner.”
  • Kelly Kincaid is the former Quinn McKay. Sunday Stunner is a live event.

February 12, 2022

  • The have compatibility with Roman Reigns at Elimination Chamber is the overall one on Goldberg’s provide WWE contract, confirms Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Wrestling Inc notes he is not booked for any dates earlier the Feb. 19 show in Saudi Arabia.
  • That was once his final have compatibility as of now. (1/1)
  • Massive E was once moved once more to SmackDown on Vince McMahon’s order, says Fightful Select. McMahon “lost sight of the magic” the New Day “created together.” In addition to, Vince doesn’t want E & Kofi to be referred to as “New Day.” He wishes them to be known as “Massive E & Kofi Kingston.”
  • I suggest the New Day are great together, on the other hand Massive E as a singles star could have been specific too.
  • Xavier Woods has been removed from WWE’s inactive checklist, consistent with Fightful. More than likely that implies he’s cleared to return from hurt.
  • He didn’t attempt towards for any other month, that that doesn’t necessarily suggest he wasn’t cleared.
  • Without reference to some rumors to the contrary, the WON reviews TJ “Tyson Kidd” Wilson continues to be with WWE. He’s taken some day off and lost sight of Royal Rumble “to help heal up his neck,” on the other hand remains “on good words with WWE.”
  • He’s too valuable as a producer to let him pass if they can the least bit avoid it.
  • In step with PW Insider, WWE knowledgeable their body of workers that a couple of ads for WrestleMania will air throughout the Super Bowl on Sunday. This will be WWE’s first Super Bowl ad since 1999.
  • Looks like that was once the case – one throughout the pre-game and one throughout the game itself. (1/1)

This week: 5/8 – 63%

Common: 4,252/7,483 – 56.8%

Have a super week, everyone!

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