Ric Flair has a brand spanking new Mount Rushmore {{of professional}} wrestling

Ric Flair has a brand spanking new Mount Rushmore {{of professional}} wrestling

The “Mount Rushmore of x” exercise, where folks establish their top 4 in any given endeavor, is catnip for bloggers. It let’s us drop a celebrity’s establish in a headline (function as much as we adore average enthusiasts, no one’s clicking on “Steve from Dover names his Mount Rushmore of Skilled Wrestling”). This is a ranking/tick list — and because there is not any set requirements, it’s additional debatable than most. Hell, The Rock revises his private Mount Rushmore nearly once a year!

Ric Flair’s taking a internet web page out of Rocky’s e book. Talking to Chris Van Vliet ahead of his “Final Are compatible” on Sunday, he gave a Mount Rushmore with different names than the Mount Rushmore he gave two years up to now.

“[Steve] Austin, [Hulk] Hogan, [Under]Taker, and Shawn Michaels.”

Naitch’s 2020 tick list in fact highest had two names (Vince McMahon and Dusty Rhodes) on it. Neither made the cut back this time, on the other hand Dusty was a consideration. As was his private establish:

“I would possibly [include himself], on the other hand I think those 4 guys had a huge — I would possibly simply put The Rock on there too. It’s interchangeable.

“The most productive worker of all time is Shawn Michaels. The biggest personality of all time will also be The Rock. The biggest draw of all time will also be Steve. You can’t ever move away Hulk off because of he drew a ton of money, — different time frame, however it definitely was purchased out every night.

“Despite the fact that I was NWA Worlds Heavyweight champion, my job was so a lot more tough than someone else. Being NWA champion and being lengthy long past six months at a time, from time to time longer, wrestling everybody in all places the sector, makes a difference. You’re not merely wrestling the an identical guy, which I’ve finished too, wrestling [Ricky] Steamboat, Sting, Dusty, and them. That was all while I was traveling around the world, in particular with Dusty and Steamboat.”

Seems like Flair would nearly definitely include himself, and he it could be arduous to argue with him if he did.

Then again all the stage of this stuff is to argue over them. So get started underneath, Cagesiders.

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