Renee Paquette barely spoke to Tony Khan before signing with AEW

It was less than one week ago when we first heard the rumor of Renee Paquette possibly joining AEW, and then she made her debut on last night’s (Oct. 12) episode of Dynamite in Toronto. It’s officially a done deal; Paquette is now under contract with AEW, just like her husband Jon Moxley.

While discussing her AEW debut on The Sessions, Renee said her AEW signing came about ridiculously fast. In fact, she barely spoke to AEW President Tony Khan about it before putting pen to paper.

Here is how she explained the process, courtesy of F4WOnline’s transcription:

“It’s kind of funny because, as much as I had been around a lot [backstage at AEW events], I really never really talked to Tony about coming into AEW. A lot of it was – this is probably going to sound bad, and I’m sure people are going to take this out of context – but honestly a lot of it was talking to Jon, of being, like ‘Man, I want to be back in the wrestling world, I miss being around it, I miss doing stuff.’”

Moxley has a close relationship with Khan, so it sounds like he was the middle man who made it all happen.

“It all happened really fast, it literally happened so fast where all of a sudden Jon and I had been talking about it and then it felt like the next day my manager is calling me going, ‘Oh yeah, they are reaching out, the contract is coming through’ I was like, ‘Wow, that was a quick turnaround.’”

“During all of this, I’ve not even talked to Tony all that much about it just because there’s not really been much that we’ve needed to talk about until now I’m there.”

Don’t we all wish the interview and negotiating process was that streamlined, efficient, and stress free?

Good on Renee and Jon for making it happen; we’ll be seeing a lot more of them in AEW over the next few years.

And in case you are wondering, Renee confirmed that she has no interest in doing commentary in AEW. She implied that it might be a much better experience without Vince McMahon screaming in her ear, but it’s not something she plans to get involved with again.

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