Is Cormier’s appearance at WWE Extreme Rules leading to a match against Lesnar?

It was once simply a few years in the past in 2018 when WWE big name Brock Lesnar crashed the cage at the tip of UFC 226 to resolution a call-out from UFC Heavyweight Champion Daniel Cormier. It appeared like there was once a likelihood that Lesnar would go back to UFC for a mega battle against Cormier. WWE even driven the battle on its internet web page. The battle by no means came about, even though, possibly due to a war of words over cash.

Cormier is a longtime fan of professional wrestling. Now that he’s retired from the Octagon, he’s after all becoming a member of WWE for (at least) a one-off appearance this weekend at Extreme Rules when he referees the Fight Pit match between Seth Rollins and Matt Riddle.

However, WWE Crown Jewel is arising in November in Saudi Arabia, and the rumor mill signifies that Lesnar may just go back to WWE for a match at that match. It makes a lot of sense, given how Brock hardly ever misses out at the giant Saudi payday.

Naturally, some enthusiasts are speculating that Lesnar vs. Cormier could be in WWE’s plans for Crown Jewel.

Not so speedy, in accordance to Cormier. He advised ESPN’s Marc Raimondi that whilst the speculation is smart, it’s no longer within the works at the instant.

Raimondi: “Maybe [Brock Lesnar vs. Daniel Cormier] might happen in WWE. Is that a real thing?”

Cormier: “No, I’ve not heard anything about it…It seems to make a lot of sense, but as you know, just because something makes sense doesn’t mean that it’s gonna happen. So, no, there is no talks of me fighting Brock Lesnar.”

Cormier adopted up by means of expressing sadness that he by no means were given Brock within the cage in UFC:

Cormier: “We laid the foundation [in UFC], but we did not get the payoff. It was a slow build, but the build was far too slow. It was like a year build with no WrestleMania match…that kinda sucks.”

Do you are expecting to see Brock Lesnar vs. Daniel Cormier within a WWE ring at some level down the road, Cagesiders?

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