Fandango dishes Fashion Police references on Impact

One guilty pleasure for many wrestling fans was the Fashion Police. Fandango and Tyler Breeze brought much joy as wisecracking fashion cops working the beat in WWE.

Fandango ditched the uniform to embrace his dirty side. Dango made a surprise appearance in Impact at Bound For Glory in a losing effort to Brian Myers for the Impact Digital Media Championship.

Dango’s time in the Impact Zone isn’t over. He had a run-in with deviants Johnny Swinger and Zicky Dice during Thursday’s episode of Impact Wrestling. Dango was disgusted with their fashion choices and expressed his disapproval with references to the Fashion Police. Dango spoke about writing citations and cuffing Swinger for his fashion crimes. Before tension had a chance to escalate, Sami Callihan made a scene in the background beating up Eric Young’s goons. That part is unrelated to Dango.

That was a nice little treat down memory lane. Dango versus Swinger is the feud we need in the Impact Zone. Give me all the backstage promos between the two that Impact can handle. At the least, they can serve us a fashion montage. Heck, if that story carried over to Wrestle House, I might be persuaded to tune in. After Dango deals with Swinger, he can turn his attention to shirtless Chris Sabin as king hot boy.

Did you enjoy Dango’s references to his Fashion Police days? What would you like to see from Dango in his time within Impact?

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