Chris Jericho’s foot is disgusting

Chris Jericho’s foot is disgusting

AEW Dynamite

I’m merely going to pay off that identify right away:

My god, the individual doesn’t have a big toenail. It’s merely not there. There are nails on his other feet. As hideous as they is also, they are, if truth be told, there. On the other hand there is no nail on that huge toe. I am horrified via it and however I will be able to’t look transparent of it. I’m not totally positive how he may additionally exist normally on the earth merely walking spherical like this.


Wrestling is not faux. For many who ever had a doubt, it is going to need to be erased now that you simply’ve been exposed to that {{photograph}}. We can need to all be grateful, even if terrified, that Jericho decided to share it with us.

In numerous data, shared straight away after that tweet:

Yeah, man, totally. Great show. Common life. Very cool life. Merely taking a look at displays and dwelling the life.

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