Britt Baker admits she doesn`t like Thunder Rosa, however it makes for proper TV

Britt Baker admits she doesn`t like Thunder Rosa, however it makes for proper TV

Britt Baker touched on a huge type of subjects at some point of her interview this week at the Swerve City Podcast.

While discussing how actual anxiety and a aggressive nature can beautify a seasoned wrestling healthy or angle, Swerve Strickland requested if thats what Baker and Thunder Rosa convey out of every different. Here is Bakers response:

“For sure. We usually say its sort of just like the Batman and Joker. One wishes the opposite for the achievement tale to happen. We dont like every different. Theres usually anxiety, however that anxiety makes suitable TV. I nonetheless suppose its my division.”

They moved on to speak approximately Britt receiving consistent hate on social media. She stated there are numerous human beings accessible who don`t recognize evaluating her to Charlotte Flair is a compliment:

“I do get as compared to Charlotte all of the time on Twitter. Which for me, Im like, k cool, one of the first-class womens wrestlers of all-time. You`re so imply for calling me that.”

Her boyfriend Adam Cole receives numerous hate on social media too, despite the fact that he has been off TV for months after struggling a concussion. Baker stated its irritating due to the fact hes the nicest man withinside the business:

“He is the nicest man, I suppose in all of wrestling, and receives a lot hate for no reason. He has now no longer been on TV for months and he`s trending each different day…close up and go away him by myself and allow him heal.”

“He loves wrestling greater than any fan at the planet. He lives for expert wrestling. And all he desires to do is placed on a terrific overall performance for all of the enthusiasts. That`s all he cares approximately…all he wishes is to make enthusiasts happy.”

Finally, Baker says anybody in AEW may be changed besides for one person:

“Whats so poisonous is whilst a person thinks theyre larger than the organization, or that the organization wishes them. No. There is actually nobody in AEW that they want apart from Tony Khan to survive. Everybody may be changed.”

Given that AEW is reportedly running on a buyout of its largest draw, CM Punk, its difficult to argue an excessive amount of with Britt in this one, despite the fact that its a long way from a worker-pleasant sentiment. Then again, it turned into only some months in the past whilst Vince McMahon turned into changed in WWE, and the organization is a good deal higher off for his absence. It`s exciting to marvel if there’ll come an afternoon whilst Tony Khan is replaceable in AEW too.

What do you’re making of Baker`s comments, Cagesiders?

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