Zombie fight! Paulo Costa vs Luke Rockhold whole fight video highlights from UFC 278 co-main fit

Zombie fight! Paulo Costa vs Luke Rockhold whole fight video highlights from UFC 278 co-main fit


Co-headlining UFC 278 is a middleweight bout between two common names in former identify contender Paulo Costa and former UFC champ Luke Rockhold. The two opponents were beautiful intense all the way through the lead up, and unusually, the fight went the entire 3 rounds.

Every men were extraordinarily gassed after the main — Rockhold specifically — then again they fostered on in a shockingly wild and sloppy affair for the next two rounds. Rockhold might simply somewhat stand, having a look like a zombie on the feet for necessarily essentially the most section. By means of the end of the contest, he even intentionally rubbed all his blood on Costa’s face.

Costa landed additional footage although, winning a wild choice.

Rockhold took off his gloves and mentioned he felt earlier, then the former UFC middleweight champion signaled what might be his final fight ever.

Check out fight highlights, along side a snippet from our play-by-play of the contest below:

Luke Rockhold vs. Paulo Costa, Round 3

Body kick and a combo from Costa. Costa spins and misses and falls down. Rockhold jumps on him then again Costa immediately dumps him off. Costa lands to his nose and Rockhold spins right kind spherical. On the other hand, he lands a big shot himself! This is one of these atypical fight. Costa with two additional footage, and further. Rockhold with a huge left that staggers Costa! On the other hand, he has his hands down with just about no longer not anything left. Costa puts his hands at the back of his once more! Rockhold lands a body kick and a left. Rockhold shoots then again Costa stuffs it and takes absolute best position. The group is mad. Costa is partly guard they usually’re chirping at each other. Costa takes his once more and sinks hooks. He turns out for choke. Rockhold can somewhat breathe. Rockhold sits up then again Costa drags him to go into reverse. Rockhold turns into his guard! WOW! 20 seconds to move! WOW, Rockhold merely wipes his blood all over the place from Costa’s face! That used to be as soon as completely messed up. Wow. I don’t even have the correct words for that. 10-9 and 29-28 Costa.

Paulo Costa defeated Luke Rockhold by the use of unanimous choice (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)


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