WTF: Handicap fits pass as expected, until they don’t

WTF: Handicap fits pass as expected, until they don’t

Each and every so regularly you see something so pitiful you are able to’t even chortle at it. It’s now not completely unfair or uneven, alternatively clearly now not something that are meant to be taking place, alternatively you wouldn’t undergo any true karmic penalty for laughing – you merely can’t. It’s merely that absurd.

And that’s where we begin the week. Our mainest man Jerry over at Fight Observation Breakdowns brings us another delusional Kung Fu guy taking into consideration he can hang in a modern setting with no adjustments. Look, I tried to come up with a caution. It’s now not price taking seriously, it simply… exists. Rather numerous poses and clumsy movement with needless offense. Must’ve exerted a lot of energy to make that happen, so excellent for him, I suppose.

Then again there’s additional! Another Kung Fu goes in to drawback the MMA guy, and bet what?

He actually puts it on him.

Large caveat proper right here: as you’ll have suspected, he doesn’t use so much Kung Fu. It’s a struggle of who is a worse boxer and the race to the bottom gets sizzling and heavy rapid. Dangerous punches followed by means of additional bad punches, alternatively a win is a win. Kung Fu got some shine in recent years, children. All is right with the field yet again. Or something.

This may increasingly were my second favorite products of the week. African Warriors Fighting Championship has been handing over on the movement front, and this one ends with a surprising knockout. Remember, the ruleset this is different as a result of the fact that kicks are allowed. Even with that, from time to time only one hand continues to be enough. Perplexed? Don’t be. Merely watch.

Proper right here’s another one who actually had me kind of tickled, seeing as there used to be as soon as a lot of piefacing. In all probability it used to be as soon as a sophisticated take a look at at a Jon Jones explicit, now not sure. Each manner, it’s a lot of feints, some close calls with the punches, alternatively my man brings out the Equalizer to Cro Cop his opponent. PRIDE could be useless, alternatively Dambé is so deliciously alive. We’re all upper for it.

Ever heard of Enho? He’s been an absolute Sumo darling. Identified for being undersized, the plucky competitor might be very so much about that existence in the case of taking on higher opponents. Just about always undersized, he’s got a ton of heart and strategy to outwork any person.

And now, courtesy of Chris Sumo, we get fairly of a check out the little guy that may. He’s unfortunately been plagued by means of injuries and hit some arduous events throughout the ring. Worst of all, it sounds as if he’s suffering one of the crucial a very powerful worst problems that can happen in battle sports activities actions – being discovered. Then again he’s nevertheless have been for the reason that preventing spirit. Chris covers a couple of of his triumphs and up-to-the-minute hard scenarios proper right here:

You see mere mortals competing against every other always, alternatively the in reality complicated among us take on upper hard scenarios.

SlapFIGHT is once more with a Mortal Kombat-style handicap are compatible all through which one man takes on two opponents. This kind of lot so that unquestionably one in all them is wearing a hat like Raiden’s, which is not a perfect look. Then again superb, let’s look earlier that for now.

Being the god of thunder and lighting sounds cool, alternatively dressing up as him and getting slapped to sleep? Not this sort of lot. So after the principle of the sacrificial lambs is hauled out once more in a wheelbarrow, it’s the other guy’s turn.

And wouldn’t you realize it, it turns into a certified duel. Back and forth smacks galore. It’s the nuttiest, and it’s great.

After all, he’s a selection of tornado kick knockouts. It’s now not something you see ceaselessly, alternatively it’s so gorgeous to seem. I only need I would possibly look this cool doing… in reality the rest.

I would possibly win the Mega Millions billion dollar jackpot and nevertheless keep doing this, because of all people want to face the fact that we’re degenerates that crave these items. I’m only half-joking, alternatively you get the picture. And be mindful – you might want to assume you are able to combat, alternatively there are many guys like you all over the place the field.

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