Video: Colby Covington reacts to Kamaru Usman getting KO’d at UFC 278

Video: Colby Covington reacts to Kamaru Usman getting KO’d at UFC 278

Colby Covington hasn’t had a complete lot to say in public since getting bushwhacked via Jorge Masvidal on the streets of Miami Beach once more in March. Then again the welterweight contender hasn’t been sitting at area doing now not anything else during the last 5 months.

Simply in recent times, knowledge emerged that Covington situated 7th in a best stakes poker fit, taking area on the subject of $50,000 for his troubles. He moreover partied with Lil’ Wayne final week in his first non-sponsorship Instagram sighting in months. His most recent Instagram publish used to be as soon as a betting plug where he instructed you “make your bank account great yet again” via putting money on “CEO of EPO” Kamaru Usman at UFC 278.

So Colby used to be as soon as merely as surprised as we were when Usman out of place his combat to Leon Edwards by way of head kick knockout with just one minute left inside the combat (watch the KO proper right here). Pictures from a UFC 278 viewing birthday party with Covington in attendance surfaced, and even with all low-pixel distortion you can however see “Chaos” mouthing “WOW!”

Covington out of place his two establish fights against Kamaru Usman in 2019 and 2021, leaving him in limbo until “The Nigerian Nightmare” out of place. That didn’t look adore it used to be as soon as taking place any time temporarily, on the other hand that’s most often when the MMA Gods strike, innit? Impulsively, it’ll need to truly really feel like the remaining is possible.

“If Usman doesn’t exist, Colby Covington is the champion proper right here,” White said after the second combat between Usman and Covington. “He’s the second perfect guy inside the division. He’s the second perfect guy in the world, certainly about it. The man is so robust and difficult. His fighting style is tricky to conquer, and his cardio is insane. So I don’t suppose anybody else beats that guy on the other hand Usman.”

Unfortunately for Colby, the door would in all probability close on this 2nd faster than he has a chance to step into the cage and test White’s hypothesis. The UFC is already having a look to organize a third Kamaru Usman vs. Leon Edwards combat. Even if Usman after all finally ends up medically suspended for phase a twelve months after that hellacious knockout, there’s other, hotter fighters inside the wings that haven’t had their shot however like Khamzat Chimaev.

Even Jorge Masvidal — a person Covington merely beat (inside the cage) — might simply more than likely leapfrog Colby on account of “Gamebred” bushwhacked Leon Edwards too, once more in 2019. What a wild recreation this is. For now, even supposing, Colby Covington gets to revel in dwelling his life in a world where Kamaru Usman is not the UFC welterweight champion.

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