Video: Boxer drops hands and showboats in sparring, gets violently KO’d

Video: Boxer drops hands and showboats in sparring, gets violently KO’d

Offer protection to yourselves all the time. Throughout the context of forestalling, whether or not or no longer it’s throughout the Octagon, health club or facet street, this in fact shouldn’t want to be discussed.

When anyone is trying to take your head off the absolute worst issue you are able to do is cling your hands by the use of your side. Another other folks do it because of they are tired, others are lacking wisdom and skill and a couple of do it merely to show-off — telling their opponent that they don’t think they can hurt them.

Regardless of the reason is… merely don’t.

Anyone who had to be told this lesson the painful way was is Tyson Djone. The Cameroonian skilled fighter was once KO’d violently by the use of Russian skilled boxer Sergey Vorobiev in sparring, after he dropped his hands.

Boxer drops hands and showboats

This took place in 2021, but it surely for sure’s been making the rounds another time. Check out the video underneath to see on your self why you’ll have to certainly not stick your chin out throughout the air and beg to get hit.

Throughout the video you are able to see Djone working with the 18-1 skilled Vorobiev, a boxer with a KO price in the case of 65% (consistent with boxrec).

The video shows Djone and Vorobiev chatting it up throughout the health club, maximum frequently in Russian. However, in English, Vorobiev does yell to the virtual digital camera “offer protection to yourself all the time!”

All the way through the sparring, each and every men throw leather and land laborious images on every other. At one stage Vorobiev catches Djone with a hook, which elicits a bizarre reaction. Djone, who is not wearing head apparatus, yells and puffs out his chest. He walks in opposition to Vorobiev together with his hands by the use of his hips. Vorobiev throws a three punch combo and Djone falls once more as stiff as a board.

Djone takes a hard fall to the canvas and it takes some time previous to he regains his senses.

Djone has each and every a certified MMA {and professional} boxing knowledge. In 2018 he out of place to Maksim Davybov by the use of armbar at a Side road to M-1 event. Moreover that one year he out of place to Maxim Konovalov by the use of KO.

His skilled boxing report is 0-2 with each and every losses coming towards Vyacheslav Datsik.

Former MMA fighter Datsik is a Neo Nazi and convicted felon who most simply in recent years defeated Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva in a boxing event.

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