UFC 277 results: Amanda Nunes batters Julianna Pena, regains Bantamweight identify

UFC 277 results: Amanda Nunes batters Julianna Pena, regains Bantamweight identify

Amanda Nunes and Julianna Pena squared off in a women’s Bantamweight contest earlier this evening (Sat., July 30, 2022) from inside American Airlines Heart in Dallas, Texas. In a dominant showing, Nunes regained her identify.

Nunes opened the rematch with a power kick from the Southpaw stance. Pena connected with a right kind hand over the top. Nunes spoke back with a difficult right kind hand and follow up calf kick. Heavy counter right kind hook connected for Nunes, on the other hand Pena fired once more with a mixture. Pena’s immediately right kind hand was once taking a look cast midway all the way through the fight. Nunes’ counter right kind landed yet again, and Pena briefly hit the canvas. Nunes did it yet again! The Brazilian stayed affected particular person and chopped another calf kick. Pena stuck a couple jabs and then a right kind hand over the top. Each different mixture landed for the champion, and a jab in a while for very good measure. Pena denied a takedown and landed a right kind, on the other hand Nunes cracked her laborious two occasions as regards to the bell.

Nunes tried to start out out the second with a big knee on the other hand absorbed a right kind hand over the top. Pena tried to surge forward and ate a big check right kind hook, and this one hurt her bad! Nunes didn’t chase the tip, on the other hand, letting Pena get better. Pena — for reasons unknown — tried to speed forward and ate another huge counter shot that floored her for the second time in 90 seconds. Without reference to scoring two vicious knock downs, Nunes remained affected particular person and fixed to her distance strikes.

Pena cracked Nunes with a pleasing right kind of her private. Each different very good land for the champion! For the third time inside the round, a Nunes counter shot landed totally on a rushing Pena and sent her to the canvas. All over again, Nunes did not pursue her to the canvas.

The second round was once simply nuts.

Nunes landed a spinning elbow early inside the third. Pena was once having a lot of drawback with the variety, particularly since Nunes was once very prepared to carry once more and snap front kicks. Pena however managed to go looking out her occasional right kind hands, on the other hand Nunes did neatly to limit those exchanges when the images did score. Two minutes into the round, Nunes landed a takedown and wound up in whole guard. Pena tried to throw up armbars and triangles, on the other hand time ticked away and elbows started to land. By the use of the highest of the round, Nunes was once bloody and some distance at the back of on the taking part in playing cards.

Nunes opened the fourth round with an impressive double leg takedown. Pulling out of an omoplata, Nunes let unfastened a big right kind hand. Undeterred, Pena stored attacking submissions from her once more, on the other hand that’s a troublesome game when blood and sweat are involved. Nevertheless, one armbar were given right here in fact damn close, on the other hand Nunes was once able to slip away in every single place once more. Nunes introduced a series of elbows, pulled out of a few different armbar, and the duo returned to their feet … briefly. Each different takedown landed Nunes in top position inside the guard. A reset allowed Pena to land one nice punch quicker than getting grounded for the third and supreme time inside the fourth round.

With 5 minutes ultimate, the champion totally sought after a finish.

Pena landed another right kind hand early inside the fifth, prompting however another easy double leg from the challenger. Nunes pulled out of a few different submission attempt, on the other hand Pena was once able to scramble once more to her feet … most effective to be in an instant taken back off. Pena stored in quest of to art work from her once more, however it merely wasn’t happening. Throughout the final minute, Nunes passed guard and took the once more. Her finish didn’t materialize each, so the clock in the long run ran out.

We didn’t should stay up for the judges’ scorecards to be offered to know “The Lioness” was once once more on top. A bit of of staying power went far for Nunes, who continuously battered Pena for five rounds.

Result: Amanda Nunes defeats Julianna Pena by means of unanimous answer

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