Tommy Fury unconvinced by Jake Paul’s win: ‘Anderson Silva is not too far off my dad’s age’

Tommy Fury unconvinced by Jake Paul’s win: ‘Anderson Silva is not too far off my dad’s age’


Tommy Fury respects Jake Paul`s accomplishments, however he doesn`t see name belts withinside the YouTuber`s future.

Paul defeated MMA legend Anderson Silva through unanimous selection this beyond Saturday to enhance to 6-zero as a expert boxer and triumph over what changed into extensively perceived as his finest assignment considering that moving into the fight sports activities international.

However, given the age disparity among the 2 fighters, Fury warns visitors now no longer to study an excessive amount of into Paul`s performance.

Tommy Fury unconvinced by Jake Paul

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“I don`t realize what to consider it due to the fact—I don`t need to be discovering as that, `I simply hate Jake Paul, he simply can`t combat,` however please have a take a observe what a forty eight-year-vintage guy has carried out with him,” Fury stated on The MMA Hour (Silva, in fact, is 47). “I`m now no longer being funny, however on the give up of that combat it gave the impression of he`d been in a combat with the WBC mild heavyweight champion. He appeared gone, like he went thru the trenches in that combat. He were given roughed up. And that`s a forty eight-year-vintage guy. Anderson Silva isn’t too a ways off my dad`s age.

“Listen, Anderson Silva`s a great, however let`s be real, and let`s communicate nicely on the way it is. The guy`s almost 50 years of age. He`s now no longer skilled as a boxer. He`s a expert icon, one of the first-rate to ever do it withinside the UFC, withinside the cage, below a exceptional set of rules. He trains in a variety of combined martial arts. Now, while Jake Paul steps in with a person who simply trains in boxing, mainly after seeing it Saturday, I don`t see Jake Paul beating any common boxer. Even a now no longer-that-accurate boxer might beat Jake Paul simply in simple terms due to the fact the whole lot they do, they realize approximately the recreation. No disrespect to Anderson Silva due to the fact he`s were given huge cojones moving into there with a young, clean guy, at 50, so all recognize to him. All recognize to each guys on the give up of the day. They were given in there and that they had an amazing combat and that`s it.”

Silva, who turns forty eight in April, went 8 rounds with Paul, and each guys had their moments in the course of the bout. The maximum memorable one took place withinside the very last round, while Paul linked with a counter proper that dropped the previous UFC middleweight champion. In the give up, Paul received through a cushty margin, with of the judges awarding him 78-seventy three scores.

The final results wasn`t a wonder to Fury. Before the combat, Fury stated that he expected a Paul win with age being a main issue that couldn’t be ignored.

“I continually knew Jake Paul might win this combat in simple terms due to the fact regardless of what every body says, every body who`s been obtainable pronouncing age is only a number, no,” Fury stated. “Age is age for a reason, and it catches up with you. A 50-year-vintage guy can’t do similar to what he did while he changed into 24 or 25. You noticed that Saturday night.

“Anderson Silva, he changed into getting gassed himself, as a totally skilled guy in preventing, and that`s in simple terms due to the fact the guy`s 50 years vintage. I assume he did a exceptional process for moving into there and going the distance, I assume he`s carried out very, very well. I knew Jake Paul might win due to the fact he`s the younger, more energizing guy and adolescents beats vintage age any day of the week.”

Fury and Paul have their personal records with a couple of formerly scheduled bouts finishing up cancelled. Their first stumble upon changed into set for December 2021, however harm and contamination brought on Fury to bow out of the meeting, which brought about former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley as a substitute getting a 2nd crack at Paul. Fury and Paul have been then set to combat this beyond August in New York, however Fury changed into not able to go into the U.S. because of visa issues.

Up next, Fury fights Paul Bamba on Nov. thirteen in Abu Dhabi, and if all is going well, he nevertheless plans to stand Paul withinside the future. He`s assured that “The Problem Child” received`t be a hassle for him.

“Honestly, I`ll let you know this now: The first easy shot I land, and I`m speakme approximately easy shot, the primary easy shot that lands, he might be at the deck, and he’s going to now no longer get up,” Fury stated. “Because I`ve been round preventing all my life, and I`ve sparred and I`ve fought—even those journeymen that I`ve been preventing and the latest men I`ve been preventing, they`ve been getting hit up and down all their lives, and I assure after I join on him with 10-ounce gloves on, he`s happening and he`s staying down, due to the fact he`s now no longer a fighter.

“Trust me, if all of us desired to choose up boxing at 22 and 23 and 24 and pointed out being a international champion, I assume all of us might. Champions on this recreation are very, very rare, and a few man who`s simply come alongside off YouTube trying to throw his palms in it, for him to be successful goes to take a totally unique, unique individual, and these kinds of ones that communicate and communicate and communicate and disregard and this and that, they become they can`t combat.

“Floyd Mayweather stated it first-rate. While he`s preventing MMA men, he`s going to appearance incredible, he`s going to appear to be the dog`s bollocks, he`s going to appear to be he can stand a threat with anyone. But the minute he receives in there with 1/2 of a fighter, all of us will see the real colorations of Jake Paul. That`s the truest element that I`ve heard on all this over the last years.”

Having grown up withinside the illustrious Fury boxing family (Fury is the 1/2 of-brother of heavyweight supermegacelebrity Tyson Fury), Fury is assured the opposition he`s confronted in education is hugely advanced to the competition Paul has selected withinside the first six fights of his seasoned career.

That consists of Silva, due to the fact as adorned as “The Spider” changed into in MMA, there has been no making up for his loss of boxing experience, in line with Fury.

“Let me communicate from experience, those men which you see, those journeymen, they is probably zero-70,

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