Texas judge claps once more at Joe Rogan: ‘Now I have a reputation of being a nasty judge’

Texas judge claps once more at Joe Rogan: ‘Now I have a reputation of being a nasty judge’

Joe Rogan’s words on commentary can have had a bigger have an effect on than he expected at UFC 277 overdue ultimate month (July 31, 2022).

By means of the top of the night time, the improvement had spotted six of the 13 bouts move to the judges’ scorecards, all then again two have been unanimous possible choices. One of the two splits was once a Heavyweight tilt between Don’Tale Mayes and promotional newcomer, Hamdy Abdelwahab.

Abdelwahab wound up playing spoiler, defeating Mayes with two 29-28 taking part in playing cards, the other being the an identical rating then again in make a choice of Mayes. Rogan and workforce on commentary didn’t agree and let or no longer it is known by means of saying things like, “I suggest, come on” and “That guy needs a chatting with.”

The judge who had Mayes winning the fight, Seth Fuller, in recent times expressed his issues of this, claiming it to have affected his status all the way through the associated fee, and obviously, most people.

“Joe Rogan you’re however my hero. … Alternatively I have to face that, and everybody I know has to face that, and that’s the essential segment, the associated fee has to hear that,” Fuller said on his YouTube channel (h/t MMA Fighting). “Now the associated fee goes, just right day, as a result of this we shouldn’t have put this guy on the main UFC. … And that’s to me, a variety of BS, because of if I’m doing it flawed, then cite me for doing it flawed. Alternatively for individuals who’re pretending that I’m not professional, or I was careless, or I didn’t think, and do my best, and I don’t care about the ones fighters and care that the result is the correct outcome consistent with the rules that they agreed to, you’re merely plain flawed.”

Going down to explain his reasons for why he scored the fight for Mayes, Fuller moreover well-known that he was once pulled from judging any fights on the main card of UFC 277 after Rogan’s comments have been made. Fuller expressed that it was once “good enough” and that he’s not mad, then again the problem is the wear and tear to his popularity throughout the eyes of the associated fee.

“This is my first time throughout the UFC, and now I have a reputation of being a nasty judge, Fuller said. “Loads of hundreds of other folks heard those comments. So as a result of this I’m responding.

“Two other judges obviously disagree, and I wouldn’t have any drawback with that,” he continued. “Alternatively I merely wanted to show you, I’m not an idiot, I’m not unhealthy at scoring, I don’t not know what I’m looking at. I do know what I’m looking at, and in truth, I may say I know the rules that I merely said to you upper than the announcers, given that announcers merely went throughout the route that I went through 12 years previously, and their scores have been in all places.”

Following the release of his video, the Texas Department of Licensing and Registration has clarified to MMA Fighting’s Steven Marrocco that they’ve a protection in place asking all judges to “refrain from commenting publicly on scoring.”

In Fuller’s case, he may not have to worry about judging any more UFC fights anytime too temporarily.

“When I don’t think something’s correct, I’m a little bit little little bit of a riot, so I merely don’t listen to it,” Fuller said. “Hopefully this doesn’t worth me my long term judging profession. Most likely it’s merely my ego causing me to do this whole issue. It’s probably a nasty concept. I probably can’t win proper right here. Alternatively I believe it’ll elevate coaching. It would elevate understanding.”

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