Shamil Abdurakhimov vs Jailton Almeida Pick Live Stream On UFC 283 In Brazil

Shamil Abdurakhimov vs Jailton Almeida Pick Live Stream On UFC 283 In Brazil

UFC 283

Jeunesse Arena in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Saturday, January 21, 2023

Shamil Abdurakhimov battle cry Jailton Almeida at UFC 283 on Saturday, January 21, 2023. The opening moneyline has Abdurakhimov coming by at 625 while Almeida is priced at-900.

Shamil” Abrek” Abdurakhimov holds a mark of 20-7-0. The 41- time-old tips the scales at 235 lbs and measures in at 6′ 3″. The orthodox boxer has an arm span of 76″. Jailton” Malhadinho” Almeida stands in at 6′ 3″ and is importing in at 205 lbs. The orthodox boxer walks into the pen with a record of 17-2-0. The 31- time-old has a wingspan of 79″. Concerning significant strikes, Shamil Abdurakhimov connects on2.60 per min and Jailton Almeida connects on3.56 significant strikes per nanosecond. Abdurakhimov lands 44 of the significant strikes he throws and Almeida is landing 57. In terms of defending themselves,” Abrek” allows2.80 significant strikes per nanosecond while” Malhadinho” allows0.43. Abdurakhimov also defends against 58 of the significant strikes his opponents throw his way and Almeida is suitable to check 11 of the shots thrown his way.

UFC 283Shamil AbdurakhimovJailton Almeida
Opening Odds

Average Fight Time9:374:42
Weight235 lbs
205 lbs
Strikes Landed Per Minute2.60
Striking Accuracy


Concerning wrestling, Shamil Abdurakhimov is the not as competent as a wrestler as he takes his opponents down1.09 times per 3 rounds. Abdurakhimov is getting his opponent to the mat on 23 of his passes and baffling 47 of all takedowns tried on him. Almeida is scoring a takedown on 75 of his takedown attempts and stopping 50 of the attempts against him. Regarding going for the sub, Abdurakhimov is the lower professed boxer by going for0.2 subs per 3 rds while Almeida tries3.2 subs per 3 rounds.

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In his last appearance in the Octagon, Shamil Abdurakhimov squared up with Sergei Pavlovich and completed
up losing the fight by way of a punch to the head while on the ground in round 1. Pavlovich completed
up landing 22 of 48 overall strikes that he let go in that contest. Abdurakhimov walked down from this fight having landed 17 of 34 overall strikes. In the significant strikes order, Pavlovich completed
up landing 21 of 47, giving him a chance of 44. He completed
up landing 21 of 46 significant strikes directed at the head. On the other side of the pen, Abdurakhimov completed
up landing 50 of his significant strikes by sticking 17 of 34. Looking at the significant strike delicacy, he was 4 of 16 aimed at the head. 28 of the significant strikes landed by Pavlovich and 100 of them landed by Abdurakhimov were done at distance.

In the last Octagon appearance for Jailton Almeida, he went up against Anton Turkalj and wound up getting the palm via reverse naked choke in round 1. Turkalj landed 100 of the significant strikes he tried at a distance and Almeida completed
up connecting on 0 of the significant strikes he tried at a distance. Almeida landed 70 of the significant strikes he tried by connecting on 17 of 24. He joined on 17 of 22 significant strikes aimed at the head. Turkalj completed
up wharf 1 of 1 significant strikes in that battle. Out of those significant strikes, he landed 0 of 0 to the head. Regarding overall strikes that he threw in that fight, Turkalj was 19 of 22 and Almeida completed
up landing 23 of 31 of all the strikes he threw.

Other fights to watch

One further match to look forward to is when Ismael Bonfim places up in the Octagon against Terrance McKinney. Bonfim will be looking to add a palm to his record of 18-3-0. The 27- time-old way on the scale at 155 lbs and stands 5′ 8″. The orthodox boxer has a reach of 71″. McKinney measures in at 5′ 10″ and records a weight of 155 lbs. The switch boxer has a record of 13-4-0. The 28- time-old has a wingspan of 73″. When it attain to scuffling, Ismael Bonfim takes his opponents down1.00 times per 3 rounds while Terrance McKinney takes his opponents down5.11 times per 15 min. When talking about striking, Bonfim connects on5.67 strikes per nanosecond and connecting on 53 of the strikes that he attempts. On the other side of the pen we’ve Terrance McKinney, who’s connecting on 56 of the strikes that he throws and is landing4.70 per nanosecond.

An fresh fight that you are going to want to see is when Nicolas Dalby is set to face off against Warlley Alves. Alves attain into this bout with a mark of 15-5-0. The 32- time-old is fighting at 170 lbs and stands 5′ 11″. The orthodox boxer has a reach of 72″. Dalby stands in at 5′ 11″ and will fight at 170 lbs. The orthodox boxer way into the Octagon with a mark of 20-4-1( 2 NC). The 38- time-old extends his reach 74″. Regarding takedowns, Warlley Alves is precluding 78 of the takedowns boxers have gone for and is finishing his takedown tries on 52 of the times he tries. Dalby is finishing his takedown tries on 31 of the attempts he tries and prevents 65 of all takedown attempts. With regard to striking, Alves takes3.63 strikes/ min while he lands3.07 strikes/ nanosecond. Dalby, also, takes3.22 strikes per nanosecond and is landing3.22 permin.

Who’ll win tonight’s UFC match against the spread?

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