Sean O’Malley starts Cejudo rumor, says ‘somebody close’ revealed former champ is broke and ‘hurting’

Sean O’Malley starts Cejudo rumor, says ‘somebody close’ revealed former champ is broke and ‘hurting’


Sean O`Malley has began out a rumor regarding former two-department champion Henry Cejudo, pointing out that he`s broke and determined to unretire.

“I heard from a person near Henry that he`s were given like $37 withinside the financial institution and he`s actually simply looking to do something to get a few cash and looking to ee-e book a combat,” O`Malley stated on The MMA Hour.

Sean O’Malley starts Cejudo rumor

O`Malley added up those alleged cash problems once more later withinside the interview, while discussing T.J. Dillashaw combating on the equal card with a badly injured shoulder.

“I don`t recognise why (Dillashaw) might move right into a combat that excessive degree and combat for a name, while you`re that compromised. Unless you`re hurting like Henry, and also you want a few greater cheddar. That`s the simplest aspect I may want to assume of. I like TJ, I don`t thoughts the guy, however I don`t apprehend why you`re going via with that combat.”

At the cease of the day, O`Malley believes the following name combat that need to be booked is him vs Aljamain Sterling, which the champion appears to agree on.

“I don`t recognise, Henry`s like beginning primary card, co-primary occasion type of a dude. Even if him and Aljo move combat it`ll be a few co-primary occasion on a few card,” O`Malley stated. “It`s simply difficult to say. I sense like whenever we communicate approximately this guy, it`s like is he certainly coming again? I don`t recognise, I don`t in reality placed plenty notion into that.

“I can`t believe them looking that Aljo vs Henry — like does everyone really need that? I don`t in reality see (UFC) being like `oh we need this,`” O`Malley stated. “I in reality am the cash combat, as a ways as though we`re looking to promote pay-per-views. I`ll manifestly do 5 instances something Henry might do.”

According to O`Malley he’s going to additionally want to take a seat down down with the UFC and get a brand new deal earlier than something else.

“I need to take a seat down down and renegotiate my settlement too due to the fact I`ve been in a number of large pay-per-views. I recognise wherein I stand as a ways as promoting pay-per-views,” O`Malley stated. “Some people, I get it, I apprehend why they`re now no longer getting pay-per-view points, however I need to be.”

It`s really well worth noting that Cejudo being connected to a probable bout towards Sterling may be sufficient purpose for the present day primary ranked bantamweight in O`Malley to begin this rumor and marketing campaign for a name shot. That being stated it`s now no longer difficult to assume budget being a number one motivating aspect for Cejudo`s return.

Cejudo quite plenty admitted that retiring as a two-department champion changed into a negotiation tactic to get greater cash, however lamentably for him, it simply didn`t pan out. UFC has in large part unnoticed his pleas, even after years of continuously calling anybody out from 3 divisions, and returning to the USADA checking out pool. He nonetheless doesn`t have a combat booked, however by the point he returns, it`ll probable be 3 years because his remaining bout — and remaining combat purse.

It`s additionally exciting to look if UFC can even cave to O`Malley`s needs for pay-per-view points, or if the ones negotiations can even placed him on ice and open up an street for Cejudo to leap the road and in reality come again for real.

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