Molly McCann outlines her plans for the Shevchenko sisters

Molly McCann outlines her plans for the Shevchenko sisters

Molly McCann lit up the O2 House on Saturday with a blistering TKO of Hannah Goldy. After the win, the Liverpudlian bolted out of the cage and flew for the duration of the stands. Moments later, McCann was once as soon as seen necking Howler Head whiskey while celebrating her excellent good friend Paddy Pimblett, who went without delay to win against Jordan Leavitt.

The win for McCann was once as soon as her second spinning once more elbow result in a row. She beat Luana Carolina via that suggests once more in March. Prior to that McCann took a unanimous answer over Ji Yeon Kim.

With 3 wins in a row, McCann is now creeping in opposition to the UFC flyweight scores.

At the post-fight press conference McCann discussed what she needs to happen next and the way in which she sees herself at some point getting a battle with champion Valentina Shevchenko.

“I not at all identify any individual out, that’s not for me to do,” she mentioned (ht MMA Fighting). “Then again while you talk about legacy, standing, honor, who’s the most efficient throughout the game? It’s Valentina. Am I Valentina-ready however? No, come on. Am I Antonina-ready? Let’s see. I imagine I am.”

Antonina Shevchenko, the older sister of Valentina Shevchenko, is at the moment 10-4 in her profession and 5-4 throughout the UFC. Ultimate day go back and forth she took a get a divorce answer win over Cortney Casey.

“This isn’t like a diss,” clarified McCann. “Then again I in truth suppose that is a perfect battle to have and I know within the tournament that they do one battle camp for me, if I ever make it to [Valentina] Shevchenko they’ll have the blueprint. Then again I’ll also have the blueprint because of I’ll know how to conquer her sister. So with the most productive respect, I’ve mentioned her determine because of I think she’s the most efficient.”

Together with talking about potential fighters, McCann moreover discussed her non-public evolution throughout the cage — as demonstrated via the ones last 3 victories.

“I gave you battle IQ. I gave you staying power. In positions where I would possibly have been taken down, submitted, controlled, none of that. And I was against the cage and a couple of chicken went, ‘Hiya woman, you scent nice.’ I was like, ‘What?’ In that 2nd, all of the battle changed.

“I’m going to be deadly honest with you, now and again I am going from side to side in my ideas, ‘Am I who I think I am? Am I going to leave the legacy I think I am?’ And then [Pimblett] goes, ‘Shut up, you’re the ‘Meatball.’ In spite of everything you might be.’”

“What I will be able to tell you is I had a lot more faith in myself,” McCann added. “I thought in myself additional. I imagine it’s my time to be where I’m meant to be. I imagine I’ve discovered all of the categories that I’m meant to have discovered.”

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