Khamzat Chimaev playing the right kind recreation ahead of UFC 279 matchup vs. Nate Diaz

Khamzat Chimaev playing the right kind recreation ahead of UFC 279 matchup vs. Nate Diaz

If one turns out at the odds and listens to a couple of provide and UFC opponents, one would think Nate Diaz is going to be welcomed into the octagon at UFC 279 by way of Anton Chigurh and his cattle gun.

Former two-division UFC champion and provide UFC commentator Daniel Cormier known as the combat a “mismatch.” Ex-UFC fighter Dan Hardy discussed, “Apparently like we’re getting to the aim where anyone should get began thinking about pressing charges.” Within the period in-between, some other ex-two-division champ, Henry Cejudo discussed of the matchup, “I imagine they would really like, they need to feed him (Diaz) to a shark.”

Within the period in-between, the individual Diaz goes thru in the main fit of UFC 279, Khamzat Chimaev has maximum recurrently showed admire to his upcoming opponent.

“In any case, finally,” Chimaev discussed on The MMA Hour chicken asked if he respects Diaz. “It is a should to comprehend the entire guys who are combating at the top. Nate and his brother (Nick), they’re all the time going to warfare, they’re difficult guys.”

As for individuals who think Chimaev is going to run over Diaz once they meet on September 10, the 11-0 fighter recalled that when he was once as soon as starting out, he was once as soon as in a an an identical position and he’s conscious about you’ll be able to’t depend out any underdog.

“When I was beginning my occupation, I was combating a person (who was once as soon as) 8-0,” Chimaev recalled. “He was once as soon as world champion, something like that. Some guys from my country (discussed), ‘Oh, that guy’s gonna beat you,’ and (I was best 1-0.).”

Chimaev is also dismissive of those who check out Diaz’s document and up-to-the-minute efforts and believe him washed up or a fighter who is being put in a dangerous position by way of combating a rising famous person 9 years younger and who has a long way fewer miles on him.

Khamzat Chimaev playing the right kind recreation ahead of UFC 279 matchup vs. Nate Diaz

“And now, people are announcing, ‘Oh, you’re gonna win the combat.’ Alternatively Diaz out of place his fights,” Chimaev discussed. “That’s why I imagine he’s an underdog. If he was once as soon as on a successful streak, this should be like 50-50. Other folks gonna think like, ‘Oh, he’s moreover very good shape.’ Now, everyone talking the guy’s like earlier and this shit. Alternatively it’s however a combat. Preventing is bad, you already know? I’m merely happy to combat with that guy.”

Chimaev is taking a wise technique to this combat. He is sitting there with a fire locker by way of his aspect. Within that OSHA-approved coverage cabinet is a bucket of gasoline. Chimaev can each throw that gasoline into the fireside that is Nate Diaz and spark a blaze of trash keep up a correspondence and remonstrances from the Diaz Army or he can move away the flammable material locked during the cabinet. So far, Chimaev is maintaining problems protected and safe.

That’s a wise technique to the upcoming bout. It may not be the fun switch for fanatics or the promotion, but if problems cross sideways and Diaz scores a big and memorable disillusioned victory, Chimaev can fall once more and say, “hi, I respected his talents as a fighter, although the fanatics, pundits, oddsmakers and matchmakers didn’t.”

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