Josh Silveira on Amanda Nunes’ comments about his father after UFC 269: ‘I consider that was merely something she had to say’

Josh Silveira on Amanda Nunes’ comments about his father after UFC 269: ‘I consider that was merely something she had to say’

Josh Silveira thinks Amanda Nunes is selling his father, Conan Silveira, temporary.

Earlier this twelve months, Nunes left her longtime gym American Highest Staff to open her private place. While the get a divorce was amicable, Nunes simply in recent years discussed her loss to Julianna Peña at UFC 269 was on account of she was nevertheless improving from COVID-19, and that American Highest Staff head instructor Conan Silveira must have stopped her from competing that evening time.

An undefeated ATT fighter, Josh Silveira believes Nunes is misappropriating blame.

“I consider emerging up and gazing warring parties as they go through their careers, I consider they all have a definite superstition, or something they want to do utterly to have just right fortune, so possibly she went by the use of some stuff and felt like she had to make some changes,” Silveira recommended Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour. “I felt like she discussed what she discussed, on account of I consider that was merely something she had to say. Alternatively I know for a indisputable fact that my dad has helped her by the use of her prime. My dad and her conquered some problems, and no one can take that from him.”

Nunes joined American Highest Staff in 2015, and beneath the tutelage of Conan Silveira and Mike Brown, she rose to develop into a two-division UFC champion and is widely regarded as the most productive female fighter of all time. In her first battle given that get a divorce from ATT, Nunes reclaimed the bantamweight establish she out of place to Peña, a success a dominant unanimous answer over Peña in their rematch at UFC 277.

In pre- and post-fight interviews, “The Lionness” seem glad along side her alternate in gym. She discussed she was working at a deficit forward of the principle battle with Peña at UFC 269.

“Correct when I changed into the principle one down on account of I had COVID I was nevertheless coughing DC right through the next camp,” Nunes recommended Daniel Cormier simply in recent years. “I was keeping up my lungs, taking a look to peer how a long way I will transfer and cough at the identical time, and it was a huge mistake. I nevertheless don’t know why I wanted to battle so badly, on the other hand I was even able to steer my instructor… Honestly, I don’t want to put my loss on my instructor. I take all the responsibility for that, on the other hand Conan, he was my head instructor for good-bye. He was anyone that may have the ability to save you me from that…

“He’s going to be probably the greatest particular person, Conan. I recommended him that. ‘As much as we’re so close, now now we have this superb friendship, I’m under no circumstances going to let you know I feel like s*** in recent years so I will’t.’ And as my head instructor, if you are able to, you progress. Alternatively I recommended him, ‘I don’t want to put this on your bag, on the other hand I if truth be told sought after you in that 2d. And I was by myself.’”

For the reason that son of the ATT head instructor and an undefeated prospect in his private right kind, the more youthful Silveira was at the gym for Nunes’ run with ATT. He discussed Nunes’ argument doesn’t make any sense, on account of his father already helped her once forward of in a an similar state of affairs, when Nunes pulled out of a battle with Valentina Shevchenko at UFC 213, the morning of the battle.

“But if she felt like she had to on account of my dad, what was it, had to pull her out the battle? It was the coaches fault?” discussed Silveira. “I consider one thing {{that a}} excellent instructor will do, he’ll pay attention to the warring parties. So I’m positive that if she discussed I don’t want to battle, he may also be OK with it.

“The main time she pulled out of a battle in opposition to Valentina, my dad discussed don’t do it. My dad was like, ‘Don’t do it. You’re the champion. Don’t do it will have to you don’t truly really feel excellent. Don’t take the battle.’ My dad’s already helped her with that. My dad has issues every so often with promoters because it’s like, ‘Hello there, within the tournament that they get a hold of a subject matter, tell them to call me.’ Because of we want to transfer to combat — it’s a water of unknown. The least we can do is be in a position for it.”

“I consider when that were given right here out, I don’t if truth be told care because it’s now not my career, nevertheless it indubitably’s my dad so I do have somewhat taste in my mouth about it. He’s a perfect instructor. He’s going to under no circumstances push a person to transport do something they don’t truly really feel relaxed about. Specifically a championship battle. The ball is on your aspect of the court docket docket. There will have been some issues on the other hand I’m positive they’ll have found out a novel [co]number one match.”

Nunes get a divorce from ATT was now not strictly regarding the Peña battle, even though. Earlier this “The Lioness” said that the approaching of Kayla Harrison to the gym, and the typical public statements a few possible battle between the two of them, left her feeling uncomfortable at American Highest Staff.

All in all, it was an unfortunate end to a longer and productive relationship. Alternatively Silveira discussed his father is putting it at the back of him and moving forward.

“I don’t suppose he’s hurt, because the guy’s unbreakable,” Josh Silveira discussed. “He’s been by the use of a lot more. When you’re dealing with warring parties, execs — now not merely warring parties, on the other hand execs. This is different from the collegiate athletes where there are scholarships hung over our head and we can get kicked off. The ones are execs, man. If you want to don’t anything else and get in a position for the battle, a instructor accepts that. They can’t do anything about that. You are making your alternatives. So I consider he’s upset — now not the sort of lot upset, he’s moving on.”

Conan Silveira has a large number of other problems to be aware of now, anyway, when Josh faces American Highest Staff teammate Omari Akhmedov on Friday throughout the PFL delicate heavyweight playoffs at PFL Playoffs 1: Pettis vs. Ray 2.

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