Joanna Jedrzejczyk promised herself when she retired it could be ‘endlessly,’ finds long term plans in motorsports

Joanna Jedrzejczyk promised herself when she retired it could be ‘endlessly,’ finds long term plans in motorsports

It’s nevertheless not easy for Joanna Jedrzejczyk to talk about retirement.

After making the announcement following a loss to Zhang Weili at UFC 275, the former strawweight champion is resolute in her selection to carry up her gloves, although it nevertheless chokes her up a bit of of bit.

“It’s very emotional for me,” Jedrzejczyk knowledgeable MMA Fighting. “It’s onerous. Even on occasion, I consider like I will’t communicate accurately.”

Without reference to the difficulties that come with calling it a career, Jedrzejczyk vowed on the day she in spite of everything decided to retire from vigorous festival that there will also be no going once more.

For Jedrzejczyk, the observation about being completed with the sport previous than the sport is done with you is principally proper. That carried out a minimal of a few segment inside the timing of her retirement, although she’s nevertheless physically ready to competing yet again.

“I always promised myself if I leave this recreation, I will leave it endlessly,” Jedrzejczyk said. “It’s onerous, on the other hand on occasion I rise up and inside the morning I’m like, ‘I might truly love to be once more. Why am I doing this?’ That’s the onerous segment. For now, I’m completed. I’m more than happy.

“I need to stick to my selection on account of there is such a large amount of problems which could be making me move additional into this recreation and even keep on preventing, on the other hand like I said, smartly being is most necessary. I’m not having any issues like I’m hiding something. I’m not having any issues.”

Previous her long-term smartly being — a component she cited when she retired — the longest reigning 115-pound champion in UFC history was once moreover ready for a wreck from the trials that come together with a preventing way of living.

There’s no upper example than Jedrzejczyk describing how so much time she’s spent in a few properties that she owns.

“The ultimate six months I spent most likely 8 or 10 nights in my area,” Jedrzejczyk published. “I moved to this area two years prior to now, and this one year I spent 10 nights, so I’m happy to be proper right here. Falling asleep and waking up in my bed, and I’m taking a look to be just right with my money, invest my money in precise assets.

“Then again yeah, there are places I’ve certainly not spotted. This nice condo inside the Baltic Sea area, I’ve slept two nights most effective. That’s the craziest issue. I truly want to sit down and be with myself and truly physically means how huge my legacy is.”

Because of she was once any such luck far and wide her career inside the UFC, Jedrzejczyk has been afforded the financial freedom to make a choice and choose what she needs to do now that she’s now not planning to compete. She’s already started her private supplement line; it isn’t some company in conjunction with her face plastered across the front of the packaging, on the other hand quite products she has a non-public hand in crafting and growing.

Jedrzejcyzk has moreover expressed interest in getting additional involved inside the business aspect of MMA and has plans to start out out managing combatants.

“I’m very grateful and thankful for the people I’ve met in my personal existence and preventing existence and business existence, I took such a large amount of categories,” she outlined. “I had a number of dangerous and superb opinions. Then again I need to be such a managers who is going to take care of an athlete, the fighter. Because of they’ll need to be always up front.

“The managers must consider the combatants as a number one priority, on the other hand many times it’s [just] a business. That’s what I hate about it. So undoubtedly I will try to do other analysis, some seminars, get some categories, get some advice and I might truly love to be a manager one day.”

At the side of starting her private keep watch over team, Jedrzejczyk moreover plans to stick her competitive edge by way of enjoying another huge adrenaline rush that doesn’t include her taking punches. An vigorous racing enthusiast, she’ll now have additional time to decide to that recreation, and she or he plans on getting at the back of the wheel a lot more regularly.

“If truth be told after I get once more from Vegas, I have a meeting with my racing team,” Jedrzejczyk said. “I will try to do some training in July and most likely I will do another race in no time, next month or in a few months. I’m truly taking into consideration very seriously about going into motorsport. I merely can’t wait.

“I’m more than happy my sponsors, they don’t have to go away me. I will stick to [MMA] endlessly, on the other hand I will give them another possibility to transport together as a family, to transport huge. I’m more than happy about that and to build my brand and to extend my brand. I will’t wait to energy the ones fast cars and move nuts like I used to inside the cage.”

Jedrzejczyk moreover plans to continue as an ambassador for the UFC every time she’s invited to an fit, very similar to the appearance she made at World Struggle Week in Las Vegas. Likelihood is that she’ll be once more there yet again inside the on the subject of long term, on account of UFC President Dana White has already promised she’ll one day be inducted into the UFC Hall of Recognition. It’s an luck she certainly not imagined when she first signed with the UFC 8 years prior to now, on the other hand she’ll proudly accept that invitation.

“I will be crying on account of I will realize that I’m earlier!” Jedrzejczyk said with a laugh. “I keep in mind when I made my UFC debut and I was like, ‘Wow [these guys are legends].’ Like Chuck Liddell, there was once one time they when put next me to Chuck Liddell and he was once ‘The Iceman’ and I was ‘The Icewoman.’ I was meeting these types of legends and I was like, ‘I need to be like them one day.’ It’s taking place.

“It’s so nice. I will’t consider it. I always say this, most likely I’m a grown woman now, on the other hand I always truly really feel like this J.J. from the hood who merely started. That’s the object. It way to global to me if I get into the UFC Hall of Recognition. It’s great. Because of I know there’s such a large amount of athletes, such a large amount of combatants inside the UFC, on the other hand inside the Hall of Recognition, might be very fast. It might be an honor.”

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