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Jeff Monson On Putin’s Mobilization: ‘I Hope I Don’t Get Drafted’ 

Jeff Monson on Putin’s mobilization: ‘I hope I don’t get drafted’ 

Jeff Monson on Putin’s mobilization: ‘I hope I don’t get drafted’ 

After spending the previous couple of months running on a propaganda documentary selling Russia`s strugglefare in Ukraine, Jeff Monson admitted he might instead now no longer be despatched to the frontlines.

Speaking to Russian information supply Metaratings, the previous UFC name challenger discovered that he does now no longer need to get known as up as a part of Russian President Vladimir Putin`s latest conscription drive. Jeff Monson 

“I desire I don`t get drafted,” Monson said. “I suppose all people hopes that he’s going to now no longer be known as up. I need Russia to win this disagreement as speedy as possible.”

Monson, who changed into granted Russian citizenship with the aid of using Putin in 2018, has lengthy been a beneficial propaganda device for the Kremlin and its occupied states in japanese Ukraine. When massive protests happened throughout Russia in 2017, Russian nation tv opted to distract visitors from capability dissent with the aid of using transferring the point of interest to a fight sports activities fitness center withinside the Donbas area of japanese Ukraine wherein Monson hosted an MMA masterclass to a set of small youngsters whilst lamenting on how the human beings of Luhansk have been the “sufferers of the authorities of Ukraine.”

Jeff Monson on Putin’s mobilization: ‘I hope I don’t get drafted’ 

In the wake of Russia`s invasion of Ukraine, Monson has persisted to regurgitate Kremlin disinformation concerning Russia`s ongoing strugglefare in Ukraine. In April, the All-Russia People`s Front—a political coalition began out with the aid of using Russian President Vladimir Putin—published numerous movies proposing Monson parroting Kremlin speakme points. These blanketed claims that Russia changed into now no longer inquisitive about occupying Ukraine and that its handiest goal changed into to rid the u . s . of fascism. Then in September, Monson introduced that he changed into running on a documentary approximately the Donbas area of japanese Ukraine, which changed into lately annexed with the aid of using the Russian Federation.

Despite admitting his hopes to keep away from being conscripted, Monson brought that he might be inclined to combat to shield his “home.”

“I love this u . s .. It has completed plenty for me,” Monson said. “This is my home, the house of my youngsters, my wife. If all of us stay right here and say: “No”, then who will shield the u . s .? But in the event that they name me, I will go.”

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