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Jan Blachowicz Sends Fiery Message To Jiri Prochazka While Calling For UFC Title Struggle 

Jan Blachowicz sends fiery message to Jiri Prochazka while calling for UFC title struggle 

Jan Blachowicz sends fiery message to Jiri Prochazka while calling for UFC title struggle

Jan Blachowicz is bored to death with able and he’s voicing his disdain regarding the provide situation at gentle heavyweight where Jiri Prochazka has been campaigning for a rematch in opposition to Glover Teixeira.

Following a win over Aleksandar Rakic in Would most likely, Blachowicz considered himself the No. 1 contender throughout the division and it appeared he would get his need for a reputation shot after Prochazka defeated Teixeira a few weeks later at UFC 275.

It used to be as soon as after he claimed the 205-pound title that Prochazka were given right here face-to-face with Blachowicz and instructed the Polish powerhouse “you’re next” then again then later declared that he wanted to face Teixeira all over again because of he wasn’t happy in conjunction with his potency in their first come throughout.

“He discussed my name a couple of circumstances. He wishes me, I am the next in line and now he changed his ideas,” Blachowicz instructed MMA Combating. “I don’t know why. That’s it. That’s why I’m slightly of bit annoyed about this example.

“He should struggle in opposition to me. It’s going to be a in point of fact absolute best struggle if he makes this struggle with me. I believe Europe and the world deserves this struggle. Fans want this struggle. I don’t know why he don’t want this struggle.”

While Blachowicz maintains the utmost recognize for Teixeira, he doesn’t understand how an automatic rematch makes so much sense even though the principle struggle with Prochazka carried out out in a back-and-forth battle.

The completing used to be as soon as however definitive with Prochazka choking out Teixeira throughout the fifth round and now Blachowicz merely wishes what he has earned.

“It’s simple,” Blachowicz discussed. “I received my struggle, he received his struggle. He defends the belt, I am next. That’s it. For me, it’s simple then again I don’t what to say additional. It’s slightly of bit irritating. It used to be as soon as a in point of fact absolute best struggle between him and Glover, I’ve got numerous recognize for both of them then again merely make some selection and the UFC has to do some possible choices moreover because of we’re having a look forward to at least one factor. No bulls***, no politics, merely do this struggle.

“His style, my style, I believe it’s going to be a in point of fact absolute best struggle. We merely will have to do it. Sign the contract, do this, make some money on this struggle and that’s it.”

On Tuesday, Blachowicz took to Twitter to state his case for the title struggle, which earned a response from Prochazka who discussed “I under no circumstances promised you our struggle …I merely discussed you are the downside what I want to decrease.”

The response didn’t sit down too neatly with Blachowicz, specifically allowing for Prochazka as champion shouldn’t be opting for and choosing his combatants throughout the first place.

“That’s why I want this struggle,” Blachowicz discussed. “It’s why I’m at the top of the dep. and he’s the champion. I’m now not no name. I’m now not beneath the scores. I’m merely in a position for this struggle.”

Blachowicz has never felt the need to trash keep up a correspondence his combatants and he’s now not going to begin out now by way of insulting Prochazka merely to get his attention.

He does admit that all the ordeal has rubbed him the incorrect means, which is why he’s out of place some recognize for the reigning UFC gentle heavyweight champion in contemporary weeks.

“I don’t lose recognize for his abilities for what he can do throughout the octagon,” Blachowicz discussed. “On the other hand I lose slightly of little little bit of recognize what he’s pronouncing and what he’s doing.

“You know possibly slightly of bit [he’s avoiding me]. I believe possibly in his head, it’s upper to lose the belt in opposition to Glover than in opposition to me in Europe. In all probability that’s why he’s doing that.”

All Blachowicz can do at this degree is continue to bang the drum with hopes that the UFC will pay attention then again he hopes Prochazka is paying attention to the message he’s sending.

“Will have to you don’t make this struggle in this day and age, it’s going to be a in fact unhealthy switch for you,” Blachowicz discussed immediately to Prochazka. “Given that whole of Europe is having a look forward to you. This is the most productive time for us to make this struggle. Change into successful on this struggle and make this struggle in Europe. There’s now not going to be a better time for me and so that you could make this struggle in this day and age.

“They just about kicked me out of the UFC, and I develop into a champion. I merely deserve this struggle.”

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