I have 14-plus sisters, I never victim-blamed – UFC champ Sterling clarifies Andrew Tate tweets

I have 14-plus sisters, I never victim-blamed – UFC champ Sterling clarifies Andrew Tate tweets


The UFC bantamweight champion Aljamain Sterling currently tweeted images with Andrew Tate, a former kickboxer and influencer that changed into banned from all social media systems for violating regulations on hate speech. Apart from being accused of “intense misogyny” and pronouncing such things as rape victims “need to naked a few obligation,” Tate is likewise presently being investigated for allegations of human trafficking and rape, which he denies.

In numerous observe up tweets, Sterling defended the disgraced influencer and went directly to proportion his perspectives on rape in numerous tweets. These were given the UFC champion criticized and accused of sufferer-blaming.

You realize that shit is faux proper? The facts is actually accessible or y`all can maintain paying attention to the painted narrative that`s a whole lot less complicated to digest. I dug into and changed into relieved that they aren`t certainly shit human beings. And no, now no longer the whole thing they`ve stated, I believe. https://t.co/WwRvnuwEQf

— Aljamain Sterling (@funkmasterMMA) October 16, 2022

We can move lower back n forth with “full” duration films to discredit this, despite the fact that I agree a few matters tow the road till you concentrate in its entirety to listen the total statement. But I definitely don`t care that a whole lot haha.

If you need him because the awful guy, the content material is there and vice versa https://t.co/jfRNfEpwuJ

— Aljamain Sterling (@funkmasterMMA) October 16, 2022

Brother, I don`t care all that a whole lot in all clearly haha. But the men banned from all social media systems, so yea there`s a story there as well. I`m now no longer spending hrs of my existence ingesting Tate bros or anyone`s content material to find out about them. Im busy residing n chasing my goals

— Aljamain Sterling (@funkmasterMMA) October 16, 2022

Yes exactly. So via way of means of this you compromise that there are dangerous, perverted and ill ppl accessible, accurate? So why inspire men, females, and youngsters to position themselves in harms manner due to the fact we are hoping ppl do the proper issue? You neglected the factor.

Sick ppl are ill ppl man. That`s all. https://t.co/RgfTnnP5C3

— Aljamain Sterling (@funkmasterMMA) October 16, 2022

It is one hundred% the person or woman`s fault raping human beings, now no longer the sufferer of the rape. I`ve stated this. Just desired to accurate you on that, in addition to the 50-one hundred extra human beings in an effort to say the equal issue, and simply forget about that one key factor I stated, simply to pile all some thing misunderstood

— Aljamain Sterling (@funkmasterMMA) October 16, 2022

Sterling were given the risk to make clear his tweet at some stage in the UFC 280 media day on Wednesday.

“So I quote-tweeted any person that stated what every person else changed into pronouncing that they have been coming down on me for and I changed into agreeing with the tweet,” Sterling stated (prices through MMA Fighting). “And I stated, `You`re proper. I one hundred percentage believe you that Andrew Tate need to now no longer ever say it’s far the obligation of a sufferer.`

one hundred% accurate. Also stated changed into, with all of the intellectual fitness issues, and predators accessible, why stroll domestic via way of means of your self at ordinary hours of the night, in sketchy places?

That changed into the obligation he stated for making secure decisions, which makes sense, despite the fact that doesn`t justify rape https://t.co/kAuC0QsPzp

— Aljamain Sterling (@funkmasterMMA) October 16, 2022

“So human beings that have been coming at me have been absolutely incorrect and I changed into seeking to provide an explanation for which you misinterpret the tweet after which they could display me the equal tweet and I could say you`re now no longer expertise what I`m pronouncing.

“You`re misreading the tweet due to the fact I`m quoting and I`m agreeing. I am in your side.”

Sterling in addition denied sufferer-blaming, mentioning the robust girl presence in his existence and seeing the sector as an African-American.

“I actually have 14-plus sisters. I love my mother. I could in no way inform my mother that if something like that passed off to them that `It`s your fault.` That`s simply the craziest issue to ever say to anybody.

“That`s like if you`re withinside the hood, and also you`re strolling down a pleasing community or some thing and also you`re someone of shadeation and also you get shot due to the fact you’ve got got a hoodie on, I`m telling you it`s your fault due to the fact you`re strolling down the street.

“That doesn`t even make any sense. Why could I ever blame the sufferer? It`s the character that`s now no longer taking the time to understand.”

Sterling in addition argued his factor, pronouncing he need to be allowed to specific his evaluations.

“For us to be athletes and those recognize us and such things as that or appearance as much as us, we`re function models, or this, that, and a third, or they need us to sponsor or advocate us. Why have us do all that after which attempt to inform us we can`t have an opinion? Are we now no longer human beings too?

“So you don`t must believe the whole thing that I say, however you may recognize it. I don`t must believe the whole thing you say, however I can recognize it. I can recognize your choice. It`s your body, your choice, you need to do matters which you need to do the manner you need to do them.

“I`m now no longer going to inform you which you`re incorrect and I suppose that`s the issue. If you`re attempting to inform athletes that we shouldn`t engage or we shouldn`t supply evaluations on matters, then what type of international could that be? That could be so boring, in particular for us.”

Sterling will protect his name for the second one time at UFC 280 this weekend in Abu Dhabi in opposition to former champion T.J. Dillashaw. It may be the co-fundamental occasion combat proper at the back of the vacant light-weight championship among Charles Oliveira and Islam Makhachev.

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