Hot Tweets: The UFC bantamweight title picture, Islam Makhachev vs. Khamzat Chimaev, and more

Hot Tweets: The UFC bantamweight title picture, Islam Makhachev vs. Khamzat Chimaev, and more


It`s been a quiet couple of weeks withinside the international of MMA. Sure, there has been a Fight Night card remaining weekend and we`ve were given some other tonight, however in popular the game nevertheless seems like it’s far recuperating from UFC 280 and/or gearing up for UFC 281 subsequent weekend. So on that note, we`ve were given a piece of a blended bag of questions this week to get to, so let`s bounce proper in.

Islam Makhachev vs. Khamzat Chimaev

Did Dana waft Cejudo as a likely opponent for Sterling due to notion of O`Malley’s win? Did he neglect about what occurred 2019-2020 with Cejudo conserving the belt?
(Not to say Cejudo may want at the least a contender combat first, however we each recognize how the UFC operates)

— Zak Kitzler (@KitzlerZak) November 3, 2022

I actually have 3 theories as to why Dana White threw out Henry Cejudo because the ability subsequent name challenger for Aljamain Sterling, and honestly, I should see someone of them being genuine.

The UFC does now no longer like Aljamain Sterling and are looking to get him to lose. Sterling floated this one himself, and whilst his apparent insecurities are extraordinarily grating, he is probably onto some thing with this one. Cejudo does gift the hardest combat for Sterling at bantamweight, and is one way or the other a larger big name than Sterling (that is a actual indictment of the champ, if we`re being honest). It wouldn`t surprise me if that become the actual riding pressure on this instance. This additionally works to defend O`Malley from getting stomped with the aid of using Sterling, and preserves him as a name challenger for a person the UFC can get at the back of promotionally.

Dana White become deliberately trolling the media. For a person essentially in no way solutions any actual questions that get thrown to him, White appears to simply disdain the softball questions that he does get. I`m now no longer positive what he needs newshounds to invite if he doesn`t need to matchmake after fights (sidebar: that is extraordinarily dumb due to the fact it`s extraordinarily smooth to do, due to the fact the UFC has a popular concept of what they need subsequent for both final results in marquee fights) and he waves off questions soliciting for touch upon severe issues, however oh properly. Anyway, it`s definitely feasible that White simply threw out Cejudo to deliberately mess with humans for asking him to do his task and sell some thing.

Henry Cejudo has grow to be so traumatic that Dana White is conceding defeat. You can in no way matter out the opportunity that White and business enterprise are as uninterested in Cejudo`s schtick as every person else and is simply like, “eff it, ee-e book him.” Now, this will become being a horrible concept due to the fact if and while Cejudo does win the bantamweight name, he’ll IMMEDIATELY refuse to protect it after which threaten to vacate if he`s now no longer given a featherweight name shot. It`s undeniable as day that’s what Cejudo is making plans to do (maaaaybe he fights Sean O`Malley because Sterling is fumbling that bag, however I`m now no longer even positive approximately that). If I`m the UFC, I`m actually in no way giving Cejudo a name shot at this point, due to the fact you can not consider him. Fool me twice, disgrace on me.

Since Islam has mentioned a likely flow as much as welterweight withinside the future (optimistically after cleansing out his division, not like Volk), who could you prefer in a combat among Islam and Khamzat?

— Reese (@spicygambler) November 2, 2022

First off, this combat is in no way going to happen. I don`t suppose Khabib could ever permit it to withinside the first place, however moreover, the timelines virtually do now no longer healthy up. Makhachev isn’t going to transport as much as welterweight for more than one years (if he can preserve onto the belt for that lengthy — he may, however light-weight is a friggin` shark tank) and Chimaev has at satisfactory 3 fights left in that division. When a man misses weight with the aid of using 9 pounds, that`s a quite right indication he`s now no longer lengthy for the burden elegance anymore. In Chimaev`s case, that`s in particular genuine due to the fact he’s quite actually simplest staying at a hundred and seventy get the welterweight name fulfillment unlocked. I suspect that ought to he win the belt (both from Leon Edwards or Kamaru Usman, I prefer him in each fights), he’ll nearly without delay flow as much as middleweight for right. He`s too huge for a hundred and seventy and too proficient to sense like he has to compete towards considerably smaller opponents.

That being said, for your hypothetical international in which this combat does take place, you need to prefer Chimaev. The length distinction is virtually too huge to overcome. Makhachev is tremendous, and might properly pass down as one of the finest opponents of all-time while his profession is finished, however that`s lots to invite of him to overcome, especially while he’s simplest an excellent athlete, now no longer a top notch one.

While the herbal evaluation for Makhachev is Khabib, they’re now no longer the identical fighter. Islam is a the greater defensively sound fighter, however he`s a far worse athlete than Khabib, and that makes all of the distinction withinside the top echelons of the game, especially while you`re speaking approximately bumping up weight classes. I`m at the file as pronouncing that Khabib Nurmagomedov should have crushed Israel Adesanya, and for as right as Makhachev is, he`d stand no chance. He doesn`t have the uncooked horsepower and explosion to make up the gulf that Adesanya`s length gain could create. It`s the identical aspect for Chimaev.

With talents being identical or at the least comparably similar, and one man being a whole lot bigger, faster, and stronger, you go together with the higher athlete 10 instances out of 10.

Early mind on Adesanya vs. Pereira? I’ve watched each combat I should discover on each opponents from mma and kickboxing and I recognize Izzy is incredible slick, however Poatan simplest desires to capture him with that left hook one time smooth and it is a wrap, proper?

— Scot McCreight (@Scot_McCreight_) November 2, 2022

Adesanya ought to win, however I actually have this sneaking suspicion that we`re going to hear “And New” at UFC 281.

Adesanya is the greater defensively sound and technically gifted striker of the 2 middleweight kickboxing gods, however Pereira is

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