Belal Muhammad slams ‘cocky’ Amanda Nunes after pronouncing she could have finished Julianna Pena

Belal Muhammad slams ‘cocky’ Amanda Nunes after pronouncing she could have finished Julianna Pena

Belal Muhammad thinks the rematch between Amanda Nunes and Julianna Pena was once as soon as so much closer than the scorecards indicated.

Nunes beat Pena in a lopsided decision victory inside the UFC 277 number one fit at American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas to reclaim her bantamweight identify and regain double-champ status.

Pena was once as soon as bloodied and battered during the tip of the battle, with one judge scoring the bout 50-43 in make a choice of Nunes. Nevertheless, irrespective of being dropped and just about finished quite a few events, ‘The Venezuelan Vixen’ fought till the bitter end and no longer stopped on the lookout for a option to win.

Although Pena proved herself a worthy foe, Nunes attempted to push apart her opponent’s efforts thru claiming that she decided on not to finish Pena even though she could have. Nunes claims she didn’t finish Pena to prove their first battle was once as soon as a fluke.

Muhammad was once as soon as outraged thru Nune’s comments and need to remind ‘The Lioness’ that she left the field on crutches after the battle. He moreover claims Pena was once as soon as with reference to finishing the battle on a couple of occasions and that Nunes resorted to takedowns inside the later rounds because of Pena was once as soon as getting the simpler of her on the feet.

“There’s moments inside the battle where Julianna could have received that battle,” Muhammad, who trains with Pena at Valle Glide Placing, discussed on Instagram. “Amanda I felt like, is getting too cocky. She’s getting too smug pronouncing, ‘I will be able to have finished her inside the first round if I wanted to, then again I wanted to transport 5 rounds, so I would possibly show her who’s upper,’ blah, blah, blah. Get out of proper right here with that. You couldn’t finish her.”

“I think Amanda started taking her down inside the third, fourth and fifth round because of she didn’t want to get caught another time on the feet. She is acutely aware of that Julianna punches hard, her eye was once as soon as very swollen, she was once as soon as on crutches leaving. So, she was once as soon as without a doubt in a battle. It wasn’t a dominating battle like a lot of individuals are making it out to be.”

Muhammad believes Pena deserves a rematch in keeping with the fact that she finished Nunes inside the first battle whilst the rematch went to a decision.

“Julianna received the main battle thru finish, Amanda Nunes didn’t,” he discussed. “So that’s why it deserves a trilogy battle. You need to mention what the ranking was once as soon as: 50-44, 50-43, then again that doesn’t discuss all of the battle.”

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