B.J. Penn defiant after losing GOP nomination for Hawaii governor

B.J. Penn defiant after losing GOP nomination for Hawaii governor

B.J. Penn is refusing to concede the Hawaii governor primary election without reference to losing the race by the use of a big margin.

The former UFC champion and Hall of Famer secure enough beef up to acquire the GOP nomination for Hawaii governor, garnering less than 25 percent of the vote in Saturday’s election.

Penn finished well behind former two-time Republican Lieutenant Governor Duke Aiona, who secured more than 51 percent of all the vote. Aiona will proceed along with his gubernatorial advertising marketing campaign in opposition to provide Lieutenant Governor Josh Green, who will represent the Democratic celebration inside the Nov. 8 commonplace election.

B.J. Penn defiant after losing GOP

However without reference to Aiona’s clear victory, Penn is apparently refusing to concede the election.

“It’s no longer over,” Penn’s advertising marketing campaign wrote on Instagram. “We are not conceding.”

All over Saturday’s primary election, Penn alleged that voter suppression was once taking place in Maui and Kailua-Kona.

Penn offered his goal to run for governor of Hawaii in October 2021, focusing his efforts on resisting government-mandated covid-19 protocols and restrictions. The fighter offered no protection tasks in his advertising marketing campaign and did little relatively than spread Republican talking problems about abortion and the second amendment on his social media accounts.

It’s also price noting that Penn has been arrested on numerous occasions right through the previous couple of years. In 2015, Penn was once arrested and charged with assault for fighting outside an area bar. In 2019, Penn’s former feminine buddy filed a restraining order alleging years of physically and sexual abuse. Months later, Penn was once excited about a bar fight in Hawaii which led to him being introduced from the UFC.

In January 2021, Penn was once arrested and charged with DUI.

It remains unclear how Penn plans to contest the primary results, specifically given the huge margin between himself and Aiona.

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