UFC 260: Jamie Mullarkey vs. Khama Worthy Live Stream

Jamie Mullarkey vs. Khama Worthy Live Stream
Jamie Mullarkey vs. Khama Worthy

Khama Worthy is certain he will get back to the success section on the principle card of UFC 260.

Commendable is falling off a first-round knockout misfortune to Ottman Azaitar last September and he was wanting to get back to the Octagon significantly earlier. In any case, the UFC had various plans and was offered to battle Jamie Mullarkey at UFC 260, who is 0-2 in the UFC.

Despite the fact that Mullarkey is winless in the UFC, Worthy realizes that makes him risky given that he is likely battling for his work.

“He is extreme. He has battled two troublemakers in the UFC. In my initial three battles, my rivals had a consolidated record of like 34-5 or something to that effect, similar to a 90 percent finish rate. You are in the UFC, you will get intense battles and he simply didn’t win his initial two,” Worthy said on Just Scrap Radio on BJPENN.com. “I’m not looking past him. Truth be told, the manner in which I’m seeing it is I’m almost certain this is the most hazardous Jamie Mullarkey ever on the grounds that when he loses this battle, he will get cut.

“He will be coming out all set. I’m expecting him to be perilous and I think it is a decent matchup and a great battle,” Worthy proceeded. “I’m not tied in with pursuing positioned folks since I’m not getting paid positioned cash. I did simply get another agreement. I’m getting more cash than previously and I’m gradually getting to where I should be.”

At the point when the battle starts, Khama Worthy realizes he is the better striker and hopes to dissect Mullarkey. Nonetheless, he anticipates that the Australian should shoot early and regularly once “The Death Star” lands something important.

“Fck better believe it. At the point when I begin dismantling him the fck he will begin shooting on me in the initial two minutes of the first round. I will illuminate his rear end,” Worthy said. “The moment he begins getting lit up, he will shoot and I will most likely knee him in his f*cking face. When he begins getting awkward in the striking reach he shoots.”

In spite of the fact that Khama Worthy anticipates that Mullarkey should shoot, he’s sure he will keep the battle standing and in the long run discover the stoppage win. However, Worthy isn’t centered around getting the completion as he probably is aware Mullarkey is entirely sturdy.

“I hit in an unexpected way. On the off chance that he sits before me as he did to Riddell, I have a couple of approaches to complete,” Worthy said. “He is intense as f*ck, I may very well need to dissect him for three rounds.”

On the off chance that Khama Worthy winds up getting his hand raised and gets back to the success section, he will not get down on anybody. All things considered, the objective is to simply be dynamic in 2021 and make however much as could reasonably be expected.

“I don’t give a sh*t about names. I might want to battle somebody who has been in the UFC for somewhat,” Worthy closed. “Be that as it may, I’m presumably taking a gander at six or seven battles before I begin requesting individuals. I’ll battle the battles as indicated by me. There are an excessive number of folks at lightweight.”

Do you figure Khama Worthy will beat Jamie Mullarkey at UFC 260?

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