Cub Swanson details the unforgiving journey to 135 pounds at UFC Fight Night 212

Cub Swanson details the unforgiving journey to 135 pounds at UFC Fight Night 212

Cub Swanson details the unforgiving journey to 135 pounds at UFC Fight Night 212

Cub Swanson details the unforgiving journey to 135 pounds at UFC Fight Night 212

Despite competing at one hundred forty five kilos given that 2006, UFC Hall of Famer Cub Swanson`s selection to transport right all the way down to the bantamweight department for the the rest of his profession turned into an clean one.

Over the previous couple of years, Swanson found out that more youthful athletes have been simply getting larger and stronger, whilst the 38-12 months-vintage felt he turned into obviously getting smaller. So, he traveled from his place of origin of Palm Springs, California, to the UFC Performance Institute in Las Vegas to go through trying out to look if competing at a lighter weight turned into a secure selection, and one which would not have drastic consequences on his performance.

The solution wasn’t so clear-cut. Yes, his frame ought to bodily make one hundred thirty five kilos whilst the time got here to hit the scales, however the procedure would not be clean. This selection intended a complete life-style change.

At the UFC Apex in January, Swanson prepare certainly considered one among his maximum remarkable performances to date, completing Darren Elkins withinside the first spherical with ease. By his aspect that night time turned into his spouse and 3 children, who sat a trifling 20 toes farfar from the octagon. This time around, matters are different.

“My youngsters are going to live domestic this weekend,” Swanson stated, starting to choke up. “Cutting to one hundred thirty five turned into loads larger sacrifice for me and my own circle of relatives. My grade of being a dad this camp (turned into) now no longer so great. But I knew that going in, that my spouse needed to do the heavy majority of the work, and my hat’s off to her on that.

“It’s all of the little matters; getting up withinside the morning, getting prepared for school. I needed to sleep in and inform my spouse, ‘Hey, I were given to sleep in, I were given to recover,” Swanson stated earlier than liberating the bottled-up feelings which have been constructing withinside the lower back of his thoughts during schooling camp.

“I had to recognition in this one. I’m getting closer to the give up of my profession, and I wanted with the intention to recognition, and I turned into capable of do that. My youngsters are at domestic and me and my spouse are going to have a few enjoyable time (after this combat).”


Missing exceptional time with own circle of relatives wasn’t the simplest impediment Swanson needed to endure. Fasting have become a day by day routine. While schooling 3 to 4 instances an afternoon, Swanson held himself to simplest one meal and one shake an afternoon, regularly eating each in only a 4-hour stretch. In doing so, he compelled his frame to evolve to a lighter weight – which it has.

One of Cub’s first-rate attributes is his speed, some thing he believes has progressed given that his remaining combat. As a result, his punches have emerge as even greater powerful, Swanson even recalling an example whilst hitting pads wherein he harm his very own hand touchdown from the pressure of certainly considered one among his punches. The strength has given that translated to his grappling, as well. UFC Fight Night 212

“All my schooling companions stated that during my grappling exchanges and wrestling that I felt simply as strong,” Swanson stated. “There have been weeks wherein I turned into making descents wherein I failed to experience great, and I might make a transition in my eating; I’d begin having 3 food an afternoon for a bit whilst and I might hold that weight till my energy might come lower back and my frame might recognise that that is the brand new regular and we are OK right here.”

Cub Swanson details the unforgiving journey to 135 pounds at UFC Fight Night 212

Approaching the give up of his profession, it is secure to ask, why now? Why make these kinds of adjustments that have an effect on almost each preference he makes, whilst he may also simplest be competing a pair greater years? That solution is a easy one. Cub Swanson is as sport as they come, and if blended martial arts wasn’t a challenge, it would not be fun.

“At the give up of the day, I without a doubt felt like I had to go through a bit bit greater,” Swanson stated. “I felt responsible stepping into combat week and now no longer suffering. I turned into spending time with my youngsters, schooling, and I had mastered it. But for me to be snug retiring down the street right here shortly, I desired to recognise that I gave it my all, and I had to go through greater and deliver a bit greater to this sport.”

“At this factor in my profession it is all approximately what I can examine from this and the way I can develop as a individual and as a martial artist. Showing up at the scale, it is already an accomplishment. After that, it is simply fun. The simplest issue I’m seeking to show at this factor is to myself that I can do it, that I nonetheless have higher performances in advance of me and now no longer in the back of me, and that is all that matters.”

Swanson (28-12 MMA, 13-eight UFC) makes his bantamweight debut towards Jonathan Martinez (16-four MMA, 7-three UFC) withinside the co-fundamental occasion at “UFC Fight Night 212: Grasso vs Araujo.” Win, lose or draw, Swanson is right here to live withinside the bantamweight department, wherein he intends on final out the the rest of his profession. However lengthy which can be.

“I flip forty on the give up of subsequent 12 months and I’ve instructed my spouse over and over,” Swanson paused. “We have the ones talks and I need to ensure that I reevaluate (retirement) at that factor. That may be it, however I do not recognise. It all relies upon on wherein those fights lead.”

“(Next) October, I need the UFC to return back to Palm Springs. We have a brand-new area and I need to headline a combat night time, and perhaps that’ll be it, I do not recognise. But it is one issue that could make me happy, bringing the UFC to my place of origin.”

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