The Ezekiel Choke: Mechanics and Means

The Ezekiel Choke: Mechanics and Means

Probably the most the most important no longer abnormal and sought-after chokehold positions, the Ezekiel Choke is a somewhat simple technique and a popular go-to for plenty of BJJ and MMA opponents.

Ezekiel Choke essentially compresses your opponent’s trachea and carotid arteries. In Eastern, it is known as the Sode Guruma Jime, as a result of this “sleeve wheel constriction.”

Traditionally, in its execution, chances are you’ll wrap one arm behind your opponent’s head while grabbing onto the gi’s sleeve with the other. You need to hold onto the sleeve for leverage and bring down the opposite forearm all the way through your now fastened opponent’s throat, cinching it tightly.

History of the Ezekiel Choke

The choke rose to prominence and got its namesake from Brazilian judoka Ezequiel Paraguassu from when he skilled in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro 1988. At the time, Paraguassu was once getting in a position at Carlson Gracie’s gym for the 1988 Olympics in South Korea.

While in training there, Paraguassu was once throughout the presence of the field’s best possible imaginable jiu-jitsu opponents — a couple of of whom had been slightly too proud to stand with him.

Paraguassu says, “There was once a rivalry to begin with, then again then they permitted me there. I came upon what I was searching for. Each and every training observe was once like a real competition there, and that’s exactly what I sought after as I in a position for the Olympics.”

In all places his training, Paraguassu came upon it difficult to escape his combatants’ closed guards. Frustrated, he in the long run began to use what would temporarily develop into his signature solution to submit most of his combatants this way.

Other opponents at the gym had been in awe of his execution and regularly asked Paraguassu to turn them the technique. At the moment, it was once most often referred to as the Ezekiel Choke.

Mechanics of the Ezekiel Choke

This choke relies intently on the leverage you achieve by means of gripping the gi’s sleeve, so it will have to be relatively adjusted to execute it and no longer the usage of a gi. Most opponents do this by means of using their bottom arm to grip the opposite forearm or elbow. 

Then again, you can moreover use the fist or wrist reasonably than the forearm. At the moment, the Ezekiel choke is most regularly prepare from the mount and as well as the best possible of phase guard.

The choke has kind of a dual power. It will artwork as a blood choke or an air choke, depending on how you place your palm and the course of which you follow energy. It’s super crucial to tap in brief with this choke.

Putting in place the Ezekiel choke way you wish to have to have one arm beneath your opponent’s head. Generally, this is finished while rolling. This manner, you received’t wish to be in particular setting up and, as a result, run the risk of telegraphing your choke. 

Using the arm that’s underneath the head, sneak 4 hands deep all the way through the opposite sleeve of your gi. Your hands should be going deep into your sleeve — whilst you’re in, get an organization grip within it.

Now, we get into the actual choke. At this stage, you need to position the palm of your unfastened hand beneath your opponent’s chin. That’s the position it’s going to almost certainly get tricky as many opponents maximum steadily try to use an open hand. As a substitute, you need to stick your hands bent so your hand becomes compact and can sneak in more merely.

By way of now, you’ll be able to finish. Somewhat slide both of your arms to the aspect and bring the second hand deeper all the way through your opponent’s throat. In brief lengthen your best arm to remove any space that may get you easy taps.

In relation to the Ezekiel Choke, you’ve got a couple of possible choices to go about execution. You are able to transfer in from the mouth, aspect, or within your opponent’s guard, among others. Paraguassu himself preferred to catch it from the once more.

Ezekiel Choke from the Mount

Most opponents normally have a tendency to go for this position to finish the Ezekiel Choke, in particular because of how devastatingly entertaining it’s going to get.

With this method, while in mount, you’ll want to protected one arm spherical your fastened opponent’s head. With their secured arm, they’ll try to clutch the unfastened arm’s sleeve. 

While keeping up the sleeve, your unfastened arm should come across the front of the throat while in a set position. You could finish by means of pushing away, producing a scissoring movement, and cinching the choke tightly all the way through their neck.

The “No-Gi” Ezekiel Choke

As we mentioned earlier, the Ezekiel Choke is regularly performed without using a gi with refined variations. What’s key with this feature is when finishing the choke, use your hand placement to create a pivot.

In executing this method, Paraguassu suggests grasping the bicep allowing you ok movement to pivot your arm to the doorway of your opponent’s throat. If your opponent starts to roll out of the positioning, it’s an excellent choice to transition to the Darce Choke.

Ezekiel Choke Defence

While you’re throughout the position of the opponent, the most productive coverage for the Ezekiel Choke is to be sure you recognize most of these positions and movements as the other fighter presents them.

Must you end up in a mount along with your head trapped, you’ll want to offer protection to against the second hand that will probably be coming all the way through your throat. The motion in opposition to your throat is your biggest chance throughout the Ezekiel choke. Then again its effectiveness lies in being performed with a pushing energy reasonably than a pulling energy like other chokeholds.

It’s a troublesome choke simply given that further you try to push, the speedier you’ll transfer out.

Well known Fights Using the Ezekiel Choke

Regardless of its effectiveness, the Ezekiel Choke isn’t regularly given a chance to be used as a finisher. However, many opponents have famously and successfully used the technique in battle.

Hidehiko Yoshida vs. Kiyoshi Tamura, 2003

The Ezekiel was once finished successfully by means of Yoshida in an MMA competition with the sode guruma jime all over the place the Pleasure Common Removing of 2003.

Yoshihiro Akiyama vs. Katsuyori Shibata, 2008

With the sode guruma jime, Akiyama defeated Shibata all over the place the full round of Dream 5, the Lightweight Grand Prix of 2008.

Mark Staniszewski vs. Jim Hannan, 2009

Staniszewski used the no-gi style of the Ezekiel Choke against Hannan throughout the Pan Jiu-Jitsu Championship finals. Staniszewski also used the Ezekiel to defeat Nicholas Gohn at the International Body of workers trials and america Judo Nationals, allowing him to advance to the medal round.

Mark Staniszewski vs. Ethan Stanley, 2012

In 2012, Staniszewski’s Ezekiel were given right here by way of with the choke all over the place once more, defeating Stanley at the Starrett Cup Global.

Alexey Oleinik vs Viktor Pesta, 2017

Prior to now, Oleinik has received 14 fights by way of the Ezekiel Choke, most considerably all over the place his battle against Pesta at UFC Fight Night 103 in 2017. This earned him not most efficient the successful title then again the primary fighter in UFC to ever win using the Ezekiel Choke.

Alexey Oleinik vs Junior Albini, 2018

In 2018, Oleinik wins yet again against Albini at UfC 224 in Brazil using the choke without reference to Albini in particular training in its coverage.

The Bottom Line

No matter what method you choose, gi or no-gi, the Ezekiel Choke is likely one of the best and reasonably simple gems to make use of in an MMA or BJJ battle. 

Learning how to execute it correctly and effectively will also be completed in only some training classes. Its prominence came about out of chance by means of Parraguassu, so that you’ve got no longer anything else to lose! Now that you just’ve discovered regarding the Ezekiel choke, check out my posts on the Rear Naked Choke and the Darce Choke.

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