The 25 Richest UFC Fighters of All Time

The 25 Richest UFC Fighters of All Time

A multibillion-dollar endeavor, the Ultimate Fighting Championship is one of the crucial prominent Mixed Martial Arts workforce on the planet. For the reason that UFC has become increasingly in taste over the numerous years, opponents’ salaries have grown merely as speedy.

It could come as no wonder to you that the easiest UFC opponents can earn impressively best salaries ranging inside the tens of millions. Every time one of the crucial recognizable UFC opponents step into the ring, they download a colossal paycheck of five, six figures, or further.

Have you ever ever ever at a loss for words who are the richest UFC opponents on the planet? It’s no secret that a couple of of UFC’s largest names, identical to Georges St. Pierre and Conor McGregor, presented area a whopping seven-figure salary for just one combat.

Consistent with findings from credible assets like Forbes, Famous person Web Value, and Money, Inc, I’ve compiled for you a list of the 25 richest UFC opponents of all time. The huge paychecks you’re about to appear are eye popping, so brace yourself!

The ones are the Richest UFC Fighters of All Time:

25. Dan Henderson – $8 Million

An American Mixed Martial Arts fighter, Henderson participated inside the 1992 and 1996 summer time Olympic Video video games for Greco-Roman wrestling. He earned a silver medal at the 1994 Pan American Championships, a bronze medal at the 1998 Championships, and a gold medal at the 2000 Championships.

All over his profession, Henderson has won 32 out of 47 professional suits. Check out this highlight reel with a couple of of his best knockouts:

He retired from combating in 2016 after losing a bot to Michael Bisping. Dan Henderson’s internet worth is an estimated $8 million.

24. Rashad Evans – $8.5 Million

A retired American MMA fighter, Evans’ profession started in 2003, and he won the Ultimate Fighter 2 Heavyweight Championship and the Gentle Heavyweight Championship. Evans, who won 19 of 28 suits all through his profession, was once now not too way back inducted into the UFC Hall of Standing in 2019. His internet worth is kind of $8.5 million.

23. Michael Bisping – $9 Million

Bisping is an English MMA fighter with training in martial arts, karate, kickboxing, and boxing. He ranked on the planet’s very best six middleweight by means of the UFC MMA website online Sherdog in 2014, and he won The Ultimate Fighter 3 Gentle Heavyweight Championship. As the only British fighter to have won a UFC Championship, he is extensively thought to be Britain’s most a luck UFC fighter.

Inducted into the UFC Hall of Standing in 2019, Bisping won 30 out of 39 fights all the way through his profession. He moreover had a formidable trash keep in touch sport, and would private and troll his combatants on social media.

After retiring from UFC combating, he transitioned to showing, producing, and sports activities actions commentary. Bisping’s internet worth is an estimated $9 million.

22. José Aldo – $9 Million

A Brazilian Mixed Martial Arts fighter moreover skilled in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Aldo is a two-time UFC Featherweight Champion and the fourth (and supreme) Featherweight Champion inside the World Over the top Cagefighting.

Aldo was once thinking about probably the most hyped fights in UFC history: his are compatible in opposition to Conor McGregor. Unfortunately for him, he got totally destroyed in a specifically speedy knockout (which McGregor was once paid handsomly for).

Specifically, Aldo has claimed the UFC Featherweight establish longer than any individual else. As of 2020, he has won 28 out of 25 competitions, and his internet worth is kind of $9 million.

21. Donald Cerrone – $9 Million

The third fighter on our tick list worth $9 million, Cerrone is an American MMA fighter and kickboxer. With 30 wins and seven losses, Cerrone earned the establish of S-1 Muay Thai United States Champion in 2006, and he won the Dominion Warrior Muay Thai World Lightweight Championship that exact same one year.

Moreover known professionally by means of his ring nickname “Cowboy,” Cerrone is likely one of the most popular UFC opponents. He has a internet worth of an estimated $9 million.

20. Eddie Alvarez – $9 Million

An American MMA fighter at first from Philadelphia, Alvarez is a former Bellator and UFC lightweight champion. Identified by means of his professional ring nickname, “The Underground King,” he was once the principle Lightweight victor in Bellator MMA.

Alvarez started combating with UFC in 2014 after a a luck profession in Bellator. All over his profession, he has won 30 suits and out of place 7. Alvarez’s estimated internet worth is $9 million.

19. Yoel Romero – $10 Million

Romero, a MMA fighter and wrestler from Cuba, earned the 1999 World Wrestling Champion establish and a silver medal in freestyle wrestling at the 2000 Sydney Summer season Olympics.

In my opinion, there is no fighter that is merely as easy horrifying as Yoel Romero. When he knocked out Luke Rockhold, it gave the impression of he sent his brains to some other planet. Listed below are a couple of of Romero’s nastiest KOs:

After his first UFC glance in 2013, Romero won all of his first 8 suits and has won prestigious honors, at the side of Knockout of the Night time, Potency of the Night time, and Fight of the Night time. With a file of 13 wins to a few losses, Romero’s time with UFC concluded in 2020. His internet worth is kind of $10 million.

18. Junior Dos Santos – $10 Million

A Brazilian MMA fighter, Santos started combating inside the UFC’s Heavyweight division in 2008, and he earned recognition since the UFC Heavyweight Champion in 2012. He’s moreover held UFC titles, at the side of Knockout of the Night time and Fight of the Night time, which he each and every earned thrice.

Moreover skilled in Jiu-Jitsu, Dos Santos has previously held the Bahia State Jiu-Jitsu Champion and Bahia State Submission Champion establish. His internet worth is an estimated $10 million.

17. Jon Jones – $10 Million

Named the Gentle Heavyweight Champion inside the UFC thrice, Jones is an American MMA fighter. All over his profession, Jones has had 26 victories with only one professional loss, a contentious disqualification in opposition to Matt Hamill in 2009.

Identified by means of his professional nickname “Bones,” Jones is at the moment ranked second on the male pound-for-pound tick list. In 2020, he presented that he was once making in a position to expansion to the heavyweight division. Jones’ internet worth is kind of $10 million.

16. Chael Sonnen – $10 Million

Sonnen is an American MMA fighter at first from Oregon. In 2000, Sonnen won a silver medal at the Greco-Roman World School Championships. His point of interest shifted to MMA at age 19, and after he won his first six suits inside the Middleweight Division, he won the attention of the UFC.

Chael is a legendary trash talker. He wasn’t all the time in a position to once more it up inside the cage, then again he destroyed combatants like Anderson Silva and Wanderlei Silva inside the media.

Despite the fact that he has never won a UFC championship, he achieved excellent fortune after combating for Bodog Fight and after all World Over the top Cagefighting in 2007. Sonnen’s internet worth is an estimated $10 million.

15. Alistair Overeem – $10 Million

A British MMA fighter raised inside the Netherlands, Overeem won his first UFC combat in 2011. Previously, he has held the titles of Strikeforce Heavyweight Champion, Intervening time Heavyweight Champion of the sector, and Ok-1 World Prix Champion.

Out of his 62 MMA suits, Overeem has won 44, and he is at the moment ranked sixth in the newest USA Nowadays Sports activities actions/MMA Junkie heavyweight scores. He has a internet worth of kind of $10 million.

14. Frank Mir – $11 Million

Born in Las Vegas, Mir is an American MMA fighter {{and professional}} wrestler with the file for the largest choice of suits, victories, and submissions in UFC heavyweight history. He moreover won the UFC Heavyweight Championship two occasions. Mir signed with Bellator MMA in 2018 and at the moment competes inside the Heavyweight division. a

Previously, he was once UFC fighter for 16 years and has held roles since the UFC’s Director of Protection and a Las Vegas club bouncer. His internet worth is kind of $11 million.

13. Quinton Rampage Jackson – $12 Million

At first from Tennessee, Jackson is an MMA fighter, a certified wrestler, and an actor. He was once moreover once a UFC Gentle-Heavyweight Champion and previously won the Excitement Fighting Championships in Japan.

Most now not too way back, Jackson fought inside the Bellator MMA, where he won the Season Ten Gentle Heavyweight Fit. After he retired from the UFC, Jackson transitioned to a profession in showing and has starred in a luck movement footage, at the side of The A-Team of workers and On no account Surrender. Jackson’s internet worth is an estimated $12 million.

12. Ronda Rousey – $13 Million

Rousey is an American MMA fighter, actress, judoka, and most considerably, the only female MMA fighter on our tick list. She started her profession as a Judo athlete and was once the youngest Judo competitor at the 2004 Olympics. In 2008, Rousey was once the principle American female to earn an Olympic medal in judo.

In wrestling, she holds the establish of the second-longest Raw’s Ladies Champion. In any case, Rousey came upon her path into the UFC. She become the principle Ladies’s Bantamweight Champion inside the 2012 UFC, and all the way through a very good streak, she won 12 MMA competitions consecutively.

Ronda Rousey’s initial combat streak inside the UFC was once the stuff legends are fabricated from. On the other hand, once Holly Holm head kicked her into next Tuesday, her MMA profession slid off of a cliff and he or she transitioned to the sector {{of professional}} wrestling.

Inducted into the UFC Hall of Standing in 2018, Rousey has a internet worth of kind of $13 million.

11. Chuck Liddell – $14 Million

A retired MMA fighter, Liddell is a former UFC Gentle Heavyweight Champion. Professional in a few martial arts permutations, he has the second most knockouts in UFC history with 13 knockouts.

With 8 losses to 21 wins, Liddell earned her place inside the UFC Hall of Standing in 2009. Since he stopped combating for the UFC, Liddell has pursued a profession in showing and has gave the impression in an in depth repertoire of television presentations and films. His internet worth is kind of $14 million.

10. Randy Couture – $17 Million

Couture is an American actor, former MMA fighter, and a retired sergeant for the USA Army. He is a three-time NCAA All-American and international Greco-Roman competitor. While combating inside the UFC, Couture won a very good six championship titles spanning two weight classes.

The fourth fighter inducted into the UFC Hall of Standing, Couture, received the 2018 Outstanding American establish by means of the National Wrestling Hall of Standing. Couture’s internet worth is an estimated $17 million.

9. Wanderlei Silva – $18 Million

A Brazilian MMA fighter, Silva previously competed inside the Excitement Fighting Championships in Japan and has been inside the Ultimate Fighting Championships. Throughout the history of Excitement, he continues to hold the file for one of the crucial choice of wins. Silva owns the claim of extreme establish defenses, knockouts, and the longest winning streak.

Once a Excitement Middleweight Champion and the 2003 Excitement Middleweight Grand Prix Fit Champion, Silva now not too way back competed for Bellator MMA as a Heavyweight and Gentle Heavyweight fighter. All over his profession, he has won 15 suits with 14 losses. Silva’s internet worth is an estimated $18 million.

8. Anderson Silva – $18 Million

A Brazilian MMA fighter, Silva is a former UFC Middleweight Champion. He holds a UFC file of the longest win streak in UFC history with 16 consecutive victories and the longest establish reign in UFC of 2,457 days, which began in 2006 and ended in 2013.

Ceaselessly considered probably the most a very powerful greatest MMA opponents of all time, Silva won the Fight of Night time 5 circumstances and earned one of the crucial “Knockout of the Night time” awards in UFC history. His internet worth is kind of $18 million.

7. Tito Ortiz – $20 Million

While Ortiz has retired from the UFC, this legendary American MMA fighter is still a fan favorite inside the Ultimate Fighting Championships. His suits are plenty of the utmost rewatched by means of enthusiasts of all time. He is the former Gentle-Heavyweight Champion of the UFC, and his UFC profession incorporates losses to circle of relatives names in UFC like Chuck Liddell and Randy Couture.

He has moreover coached for the sport. This present day, Ortiz owns a gymnasium in California and an MMA garments and equipment business company, elevating his internet worth to kind of $20 million.

6. BJ Penn – $22 Million

Penn is an American MMA fighter who moreover practices Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Chances are high that you’ll be able to know him as the principle non-Brazilian victor of the World Jiu-Jitsu Championship. Previously, Penn has won victories at each and every the Lightweight and the Welterweight Championships inside the UFC.

He is regarded as one among merely 3 festival in history to have earned championship belts in a large number of weight classes, and for over 8 years, Penn was once an undefeated lightweight. Except for for UFC combating, Penn has gave the impression in television presentations like Hawaii 5-0, coached for the sport, and authored two books. Penn’s estimated internet worth is $22 million.

5. Brock Lesnar – $28 Million

Lesnar’s professional background is extremely a large number of. Previously, he was once a certified wrestler, MMA fighter, and American football player, and he once earned the establish of UFC Heavyweight Champion.

This present day, he wrestles professionally with the World Wrestling Recreational, Inc. With a internet worth of $28 million, Lesnar is likely one of the world’s wealthiest MMA opponents.

4. Khabib Nurmagomedov – $30 Million

A licensed MMA fighter from Russia, Nurmagomedov is a two-time Struggle Sambo World Champion and winner of the 2018 UFC Lightweight Champion. Right through his profession, he won 28 circumstances and now not the use of a losses. At the age of twenty-one, he set the most efficient file takedowns all the way through a single combat.

Nurmagomedov moreover has the longest lively streak of victories inside the history of MMA. After keeping up the UFC Lightweight Champion establish for one of the crucial prolonged period, he retired in 2020. His internet worth is kind of $30 million.

3. Georges St. Pierre – $30 Million

At first from Canada, St. Pierre is a a luck MMA fighter who won UFC’s Welterweight Championship 3 separate circumstances. In 2017, he won the middleweight establish after his victory in opposition to Michael Bisping.

In 2020, he retired from UFC with one of the crucial essential choice of titles as a welterweight champion inside the UFC. That exact same one year, he won the establish of Canadian Athlete of the one year and earned his spot inside the UFC Hall of Standing. As a result of this, many enthusiasts of the sport world believe St. Pierre to be probably the most a very powerful best MMA opponents of all time, and his internet worth is an estimated $30 million.

2. Rorion Gracie – $50 Million

Gracie, a Brazilian born in Rio de Janeiro, has an in depth range {{of professional}} interests. Now not most simple is he the co-founder of the UFC, then again he is moreover a knowledgeable a professional in Jiu-Jitsu, author, creator, lecturer, and producer.

One of the most world’s most simple people with a ninth-degree crimson belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, he received recognition for introducing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Gracie to the mainstream public. Gracie’s internet worth is kind of $50 million.

1. Conor McGregor – $120 Million

McGregor is a certified Irish MMA fighter inside the UFC. Mockingly, most of his internet worth does now not come from his MMA competitions. As an alternative, it’s necessarily from his professional boxing debut in opposition to Floyd Mayweather.

During the last plenty of years, McGregor earned a reputation as an implausible MMA sensation. With an estimated internet worth of $120 million, he is the wealthiest UFC fighter of all time.

Outside of forestalling, McGregor has continued to stack up the W’s. His Proper Twelve whiskey business reportedly did $1 billion in product sales in its first one year. Actually astounding.

Ultimate Concepts

Because of MMA’s unexpectedly emerging fan base, the sport now exceeds boxing in popularity. The business has generated billions of dollars by means of pay-per-view profits and company sponsorships. A hefty portion of the ones value vary results in the monetary establishment accounts of one of the crucial a luck opponents, which is why the salaries of a couple of UFC opponents are so astronomically best.

While the richest UFC opponents throw some tough hits inside the ring, their salaries can pack a good better punch. The richest UFC opponents have climbed, if now not grappled and pounded, their way to the easiest, and we predict that the ones opponents will most simple continue to care for their accolades aggressively.

Should you’re nevertheless thinking about how UFC opponents get paid, learn further:

With a large number of months of training, resilience, and resolve, the ones UFC opponents have earned each and every buck of their heaping paychecks. On the other hand, actually that UFC opponents don’t all the time do the most productive process of keeping up onto their money. In the end, they are opponents and now not financial planners.

Congratulations to the entire opponents who built up the net worth to make my tick list. All people enthusiasts are grateful from the performances you’ve put on to monetary establishment those purses!

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