The 12 Perfect Kickboxers of All Time

The 12 Perfect Kickboxers of All Time

Everyone seems to be acutely aware of I truly like MMA, then again I moreover actually love me some kickboxing. Whether or not or now not or now not it is K1, Muay Thai, Glory, Bellator, or One FC, I truly like a wide variety of kickboxing.

Such a large amount of outstanding kickboxers have stepped into the ring, which makes doing a best-ever list actually hard. Then again I’ve taken a crack at it and made a listing of my 12 greatest kickboxers of all time.

They are in no particular order and are only a few of my favorite well known opponents that fought quite a lot of varieties of kickboxing. I’ve added highlights of each fighter, so you can see how entertaining they’d been and why I picked them.

The 12 Perfect Kickboxers of All Time

John Wayne Parr

I’m starting off the list with a fan favorite. The wild man from Australia John Wayne Parr. He has been fighting skilled kickboxing bouts for the rest 23 years fighting the best kickboxers on the planet.

  • Record: 99-33 (46 wins by way of KO) Boxing: 11-3 (10KOS)
  • Nickname: The Gunslinger
  • Style: Muay Thai
  • Country: Australia
  • Championships: 14 championships in Muay Thai, kickboxing, and boxing

In his later years, Parr has received rather somewhat of of recognition from social media and podcast appearances. The enthusiasts love his right away ahead style of bringing the fight to his fighters. Continuing to strike until he puts them down, he’s going down, or the fight ends.

What moreover made him a fan favorite was his hobby for Muay Thai. He lives and breathes the paintings and at 44 remains to be going strong looking for his a hundredth win. If you happen to’ve not at all spotted Parr fight, watch his highlight and  you’ll turn out to be an speedy fan.

Buakaw Banhamek

The ageless one Buakaw has been one of the most necessary elite Thai opponents for over two decades now. By hook or by crook in all of that time, Buakaw hasn’t aged a day in just about 300 skilled fights.

  • Fight Record: 239-24-12(73KO/TKOs)
  • Style: Muay Thai
  • Country: Thailand
  • Championships: 20

He is recognized for his incredible conditioning and robust hanging. Preventing the best opponents on the planet since 2000. If you happen to establish a best best welterweight kickboxer from the rest two decades, then chances are Buakaw has fought them.

Buakaw is clearly the most effective ever and at 38 remains to be fighting at an elite degree.


If you happen to’ve not at all spotted Saenchai fight, he is without doubt one of the most explicit Thai kickboxers of all time. He has been fighting professionally for an implausible 32 years, which is unparalleled for a Thai. He had his first fight at 8 years old-fashioned and received 30 Baht, which isn’t as much as a dollar!

  • Fight Record: 299-42-5 (40KOs) Boxing 5-0 (2 KOs)
  • Style: Muay Thai
  • Country: Thailand
  • Championships: 17

Saenchai’s style is like no other Thai. He fights like Floyd Mayweather in boxing, going for precision over power. Throwing precise combos from each perspective and infrequently missing. A stupendous fighter and at all times fun to have a look at.

Jorina Baars

What Amanda Nunes is in MMA is what Jorina Baars has been in kickboxing for over a decade. In 50 fights, she has simplest been defeated by way of lower up resolution. Prior to that, she dominated all her fighters. And I suggest all of them – to the aim that she was bearing in mind getting a job since no person wanted to fight her.

  • Fight Record: 46-1-3 (16KOs) MMA: 1-3
  • Style: Dutch Kickboxing
  • Country: Netherlands
  • Championships: 4

Baars remains to be with a prolonged achieve and has outstanding hanging. Her most notable win was against the then most feared female fighter on the planet Cyborg Santos. They would a phenomenal fight that was plenty of the utmost regarded as female kickboxing fits of all time.

Jorina has cemented herself as some of the final female kickboxers ever and her track document proves it.

Mirko Cro Cop

“Right kind leg well being middle, left leg cemetery.” Cro Cop is without doubt one of the all time final in all of fight sports activities actions. He is the only particular person to win the K1 Grand Prix, Delight Grand Prix, and Rizin Grand Prix.

  • Fight Record: 26-8 (13KOs) MMA: 38-11-2 1 no contest (30KOs)
  • Style: Kickboxing
  • Country: Croatia
  • Championships: 5

Mirko first made his establish in kickboxing decimating his fighters in conjunction with his vicious hanging and infamous left leg head kick. Nearly no one has finished additional in comeback sports activities actions than Mirko.

Each time he stepped foot throughout the ring or cage it was a wonderful display of violence.

Badr Hari

The bad boy from Morocco has at all times been the center of controversy throughout the kickboxing world. Irrespective of how you’re feeling about him individually, you can’t deny he is an all time great fighter.

  • Fight Record: 106-15 1 no contest (92 KOs)
  • Nickname: Golden Boy/Bad Boy
  • Preventing Style: Kickboxing
  • Country: Morocco
  • Championships: 4

Badr has viciously knocked out the best heavyweight kickboxers on the planet for over a decade. He has a KO ratio of spherical 86% in 106 wins, which is a ludicrous stat. A fight card is at all times a must-see when Hari is fighting.

Mark Hunt

The Super Samoan is at all times a fan favorite and everyone at all times tunes in to have a look at him fight. Most new enthusiasts know him from MMA, then again Hunt actually made his mark in kickboxing.

  • Fight Record: 30-13 (13KOs) MMA: 13-14-1 1 no contest (10KOs)
  • Nickname: The Super Samoan
  • Preventing Style: Kickboxing
  • Country: New Zealand
  • Championships: 5

A former K1 champion, Hunt has time and again been having all time great fights in his profession. Appearing tough KO power, while having an implausible skill to take punishment. Mark has made a large number of enthusiasts during his profession and is looking to make additional forward of he retires.

Raymond Daniels

Raymond Daniels has one of the most necessary most explosive kicks in all of kickboxing. After dominating the Karate and Taekwondo circuits, Daniels has persisted winning in whole contact kickboxing.

  • Fight Record: 35-3 (22KOs) MMA: 2-1
  • Nickname: The Exact Deal
  • Preventing Style: Taekwondo
  • Country: USA
  • Championships: 23

He is recognized for his super athletic style controlling the ring and landing an array of spinning and flying kicks. The 360 spin kick KO he landed is among some of the all time final knockouts ever.

Daniels is now starting to make his means into MMA, so we may see a 2 sport champ beautiful temporarily.

Alistair Overeem

While he simplest has a 10-4 document in kickboxing, his stint after Delight FC was rather memorable and terrifying. He put on 60lbs of muscle and wreaked havoc in K1 for a 2 365 days period winning the GP. Overeem was then referred to as Ubereem after his time in kickboxing.

  • Record: 10-4 (7KOs) MMA: 46-18 (24KOs)
  • Nickname: The Demolition Man, Ubereem
  • Preventing Style: Dutch Kickboxing
  • Country: Netherlands
  • Championships: 4

His power and clinch was so devastating that K1 changed the clinching rules. Alistair will at all times be additional recognized for his MMA profession throughout the UFC, then again his time in kickboxing was one for the history books.

Rico Verhoeven

The prevailing reigning and protective Glory Kickboxing heavyweight champion is the best heavyweight kickboxer of the former decade. Rico hasn’t out of place a fight inside the rest 5 years and he is nevertheless looking actually hard to triumph over.

  • Fight Record: 56-10 (17KOs)
  • Nickname: King of Kickboxing
  • Preventing Style: Dutch Kickboxing
  • Country Netherlands
  • Championships: 1

He is among the most extraordinarily technical heavyweights of all time and at 31 his legacy is simplest beginning.

Ramon Dekkers

The late, great Ramon Dekkers was a pioneer of Dutch style kickboxing and is without a doubt an all time great. Ramon “The Diamond” Dekkers was the Mike Tyson of kickboxing. His ferocious style would have his fighters defeated forward of the fight even started

  • Fight Record: 186-36-2
  • Nickname: The Diamond
  • Preventing Style: Dutch Kickboxing
  • Country: Netherlands
  • Championships: 8

From when the bell rang until the highest of the round, Dekkers would not prevent coming. Throwing an array of punches and kicks that were all power pictures.

Unfortunately we out of place Ramon too temporarily, then again his legacy lives on as he influenced numerous opponents to start out kickboxing.

Ernesto Hoost

Another pioneer of Dutch style kickboxing is Mr Best possible Ernesto Hoost. Together with Dekkers, Ernesto put the sphere on notice that Dutch kickboxing was a force to reckon with.

  • Fight Record 99-21 (62KOs)
  • Nickname: Mr Best possible
  • Preventing Style: Dutch Kickboxing
  • Country: Netherlands
  • Championships: 22

Hoost is tied with Semmy Schilt for necessarily probably the most K1 Grand Prix identify wins of all time. Nobody rather did it the easiest way Ernesto did. Mixing together best tier Muay Thai {and professional} boxing together to make the Dutch style.

It’s moreover not simplest his accolades throughout the ring that make him an all time great. It’s his impact.

Fighters like Verhoeven and Overeem could have not at all started fighting without Hoost. He, like Dekkers, is idolized throughout the Netherlands and has the utmost acknowledge in kickboxing.

What do you assume? Who’d I move over? Kickboxing is without doubt one of the most enjoyable sports activities actions spherical, and I hope you liked this list of one of the most necessary final kickboxers of all time. If looking at the ones fighter’s highlight reels doesn’t get you amped up, now not the rest will!

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