Is Joe Rogan Very good at Martial Arts?

Is Joe Rogan Very good at Martial Arts?

One question that I again and again listen from casual MMA enthusiasts is, “Is Joe Rogan actually superb at martial arts?Positive.

In case you’ve been around the MMA world for a while, this will more and more maximum no doubt seem to be a silly question to you. On the other hand believe it or not, there are in truth those that do question the legitimacy of Joe Rogan’s martial arts abilities.

As I will show in this submit, Joe Rogan’s martial paintings credentials are as superb as they come. Joe Rogan has excelled as a UFC commentator, comedian, podcaster, and certain – as a martial artist. I’m going to get a hold of a whole breakdown of his martial arts background and he got to where he is. I’ll moreover be expecting how well he would do combating in MMA.

Joe Rogan’s Stats

  • Age: 52 at the time of writing (born August 11, 1967)
  • Height: 5’8″
  • Weight: 195-205 lbs
  • Martial Arts Revel in: 38 years of training in Taekwondo, Karate, Kickboxing, Wrestling, BJJ, Muay Thai, and MMA.
  • Ranks Held: Black belts in Taekwondo, Karate, and a few black belts in BJJ (underneath Jean Jaques Machado, and Eddie Bravo)
  • Fight File: 2-1 (Amateur Kickboxing), 100+ Taekwondo fits
  • Martial Arts Accomplishments
    • Massachusetts State Entire Contact Taekwondo Champion (4 years in a row)
    • US Open Taekwondo Champion in 3 divisions (lightweight, middleweight and heavyweight
    • second Place National Taekwondo Championship

Joe Rogan’s Martial Arts History

Joe Rogan has been coaching martial arts for just about 40 years. His journey training took some unique paths, and he gives a whole rundown of his martial arts background in this JRE podcast episode:

Joe Starts Wrestling and Karate

Joe got into martial arts after an altercation with a bully when he was once as soon as spherical 13. He and this other kid were talking trash to each other showing like they have got been going to struggle.

Rogan wasn’t enthusiastic about wanting to get proper right into a struggle, alternatively the other kid was once as soon as. The other kid moreover happened to have a background in wrestling that Joe didn’t know about.

That kid grabbed Joe in a headlock and slammed him to the ground. He acted like he was once as soon as going to punch Joe, alternatively didn’t. In any case, this was once as soon as a lot more humiliating for Joe.

After the altercation, Joe hated that feeling of being helpless and no longer wanted to in point of fact really feel that means all over again. Figuring out he sought after to be informed self coverage, Rogan started taking Karate categories and joined his school’s wrestling staff.

Joe Takes up Taekwondo

A couple of year after he started wrestling and karate, Joe began finding out Taekwondo. Being the obsessive specific particular person he is, Joe develop into immersed in training Taekwondo and picked it up in brief.

Inside a year of training, he was once as soon as already competing in large tournaments and would later earn his blackbelt. Joe’s existence revolved spherical Taekwondo, and he was once as soon as driven to be the most productive he might simply at it.

Rogan Wins Number one Taekwondo Tournaments

After Rogan gained his Taekwondo blackbelt, he actually started taking competitions significantly. From ages 18 to 21 he was once as soon as at his competitive peak, entering Taekwondo tournaments with reference to every weekend. He was once as soon as moreover an trainer at his academy.

Joe was once as soon as a credible competitor and to finally end up it, here is a KO from no doubt one among his fits.

Rogan would transfer without delay to win 4 straight away Massachusetts state titles in entire contact Taekwondo. He moreover won the Taekwondo US Open in 3 different divisions, along with a second place at Nationals.

Joe Takes Up Kickboxing

While he was once as soon as doing Taekwondo, Joe had buddies which have been dabbling in kickboxing and invited him to train. Joe concept his Taekwondo ability may well be more than enough to carry with kickboxers, alternatively he couldn’t were additional improper.

The moment he got hit with a leg kick, he knew that there were major holes in his martial arts skillset. Taekwondo was once as soon as great for classy kicks, alternatively had no solution for leg kicks and boxing.

After his first revel in kickboxing, Joe develop into jaded with Taekwondo and steered his training additional against kickboxing.

He would transfer without delay to compete in 3 novice fights, going 2-1. While he was once as soon as competing in the ones novice fights, his comedy profession moreover began to take off. Figuring out he couldn’t do every, Rogan decided on comedy over kickboxing (mainly as a result of the lack of money inside the recreation and the highest probability of wear).

Rogan Discovers BJJ

In 1994, Joe Rogan got his first taste of BJJ and MMA while taking a look at UFC 2. He was once as soon as amazed to seem the smaller Royce Gracie decimate the competition with a combating form referred to as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Seeing Jiu Jitsu’s effectiveness in movement made Joe want to get began training. At age 29, while he was once as soon as living in LA, he got his first likelihood to train BJJ and started taking classes underneath the legendary Carlson Gracie.

Joe would later switch to Take hold of Jean Jaques Machado’s school in ‘97. Shortly after that, he moreover began running for the UFC as an interviewer.

Right through this time, he moreover first met his easiest excellent pal Eddie Bravo. Watch this video for the entire story on how they met:

Joe Rogan Earns 2 BJJ Black Belts

After training Jiu Jitsu for 15 years, his excellent pal and instructor Eddie Bravo awarded Joe with a 10th Planet black belt. A few fast months later, Jean Jacques Machado awarded Joe with a Gi BJJ blackbelt in Machado’s system.

Joe nevertheless trains and is thought of as a really respected martial artist. He has professional with a couple of of martial arts’ easiest athletes along side Georges St Pierre and John Wayne Parr.

How Would Joe Rogan do in an MMA Fight?

Since Joe is 52 years old-fashioned and trains maximum usually for neatly being and well being, my solution this is herbal speculation. It’s arduous to nail down a concrete struggle prediction since Joe didn’t get into BJJ at 29, and he retired from combating competition 8 years prior.

On the other hand let’s say Joe started BJJ 10 years earlier than he did, and MMA was once as soon as huge this present day. How would he do at MMA then?

If Joe made up our minds to do MMA slightly than rise up comedy, I believe he may have been successful. Rogan has top-level putting and a number of top athletes in MMA and BJJ say his floor sport is superb. He’s moreover merely clearly a sharp guy that takes excitement in excelling at the rest he does.

Rogan’s downfall in MMA competition may well be his size. Joe is most effective about 5’8, however he walks spherical at 195lbs. He’s moreover vocally against weight decreasing.

That may suggest he may well be combating inside the UFC’s middleweight division. He’d will have to struggle monsters like Paulo Costa and Yoel Romero. They may in fact throw Joe out of the Octagon.

So, I think Joe made the correct variety to pay attention to rise up comedy than sticking with combating. The $100 million he made with Spotify ain’t too bad each.

Is Joe Rogan a First rate Martial Artist?

Yep. Any individual with common sense, or who has heard Joe title fights, is acutely aware of he is as respected as they come. The individual has been training for just about 40 years, and is evidently slightly skilled at martial arts.

You don’t merely get 2 black belts in Jiu Jitsu from legends like Eddie Bravo and Jean Jacques Machado without having some essential combating chops.

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