Do UFC Fighters Placed on Cups?

Do UFC Fighters Placed on Cups?

Whilst you’ve ever wondered, “Do opponents placed on cups?” proper right here’s your answer: MMA opponents are required to position on cups as part of their standard uniform when fighting in UFC fights. Being required to position on a cup would in all probability in reality really feel awkward for some opponents, then again UFC officials sit up for groin strikes as a chance everywhere any are compatible have no longer too way back tightened their laws to offer protection to the opponents.

While groin strikes these days are illegal in UFC fights, accidents happen, and opponents are required to position on protection. The benefits of wearing a cup outweigh getting used to an extra layer of equipment.

Benefits of Wearing a Cup

MMA opponents put in hours of training to build their endurance and tolerance to blows. However, sure blows can weigh carefully even on the best-trained athlete.

While one of the most the most important benefits would in all probability seem obtrusive, wearing a cup would in all probability prevent the will for extensive scientific attention everywhere apply or a are compatible. Even with a cup, some strikes would in all probability nevertheless reason pain and harm, so you will need to to offer protection to yourself. The ones are the very best benefits of wearing a cup.

Prevent Critical Harm or Harm

While the UFC has banned groin strikes from MMA fights, accidents can happen. Wearing a cup can prevent harm from kicks or when grappling.

Fighters are steadily in fast moving eventualities on the ground, and a cup can prevent further harm everywhere submissions like kneebars or triangles (in particular for the fighter on the bottom). Wearing a cup sure beats taking a look to give a boost to your refined areas via Iron Crotch Kung Fu!

To Hold The whole thing in Place

One reason why cups are the most important for men is they deal with the entire thing in place. It is more challenging for men to keep watch over their “refined” parts when sparring. A protective, relaxed cup will keep the entire thing in place without restricting movement.

Stepped ahead Stretching

Some cups, like those built into MMA shorts, allow for improved stretching, primary to better potency in a struggle. Having the freedom to stretch your groin area as it should be can prevent lines and other muscle-related injuries.

Licensed Male Cups for MMA Combating

The UFC regulates the type of cup opponents are allowed to position on. While the fighter will have to in reality really feel pleased with their cup, it shouldn’t have any further padding. The UFC moreover requires the cups to be made from authorized materials that should be worn everywhere suits or apply.

When deciding on the right kind cup for you, you should definitely consider durability, capacity, and which is most relaxed for you.

Compression Shorts

It’s quite no longer peculiar for opponents in recent years to position on MMA shorts with a built-in cup. They are relaxed to position on, easy to keep an eye on, then again nevertheless provide protection.

When bearing in mind compression shorts, make sure to try on for size. Compression shorts now not superb provide cup support, then again moreover they building up blood flow. However, if they are too small and restrictive, they may be able to in reality do additional harm than simply proper.


Jockstraps are a additional standard form of protection in fights and elementary athletics. They are made with an elastic drawstring that is easy to keep an eye on and provide maneuverability. However, they may be able to be tough to keep an eye on to, in order that you should placed on them to apply sessions if you happen to plan on wearing them in fights.

Muay Thai Cups

Muay Thai cups can also take some getting used to then again are superb everywhere hard sparring or very technical suits. They soak up hard hits and are upper suited to perform technical martial arts like jiu-jitsu or taekwondo.

Diversifications for Female Fighters

The MMA uniform is different for male and female opponents. Each and every are required to position on shorts, open-fingered gloves, and a mouthguard. Women are also required to position on a shirt and chest protection, and superb men are required to position on a cup. Provide UFC laws and guidelines in reality prohibit ladies from wearing groin protection everywhere a struggle.

Female MMA opponents have moreover been subject to some underneath the belt hits, then again the UFC has now not changed its required uniform for female opponents. Some fanatics and professionals in reality really feel that women should be required to offer protection to themselves everywhere a struggle as numerous those strikes would possibly reason lasting harm.

Whilst you’ve ever wondered “Do opponents placed on cups?” on the subject of female opponents, the answer is certain. Alternatively why do opponents placed on cups? Sports activities actions cups available for women have the same opinion prevent stomach pain, bleeding, bruising, and other pain that can occur in each and every men and women after a groin strike.

What Happens when Groin Strikes Occur throughout the UFC

Since groin strikes are officially illegal, in step with UFC laws, referees provide the possibility to take action against the MMA fighter who made the strike, regardless of whether or not or no longer it was once intentional or an coincidence. After a groin strike, the fighter who was once hit has 5 minutes to compose themself forward of the struggle resumes.

MMA opponents who violate the groin strike rule will have one stage removed from their basic score. Depending on what selection of rounds there are, some degree deduction like this may most probably price a fighter the are compatible. If the fighter’s opponent isn’t in a position to continue the struggle as a result of a groin strike, the fighter at fault would possibly simply lose by the use of disqualification.

Cups and the History of MMA

MMA fighting began throughout the early Nineteen Nineties, and there were just a few laws. There were no referees or little referee involvement. Rorion Gracie, the original promoter, superb agreed to a few minor laws opponents needed to follow, that have been no eye-gouging, no fish-hooking, and no biting.

Someday, political pushback banned MMWA fights in the USA. Underneath new ownership in 2001, Dana White and the Fertitta brothers reinstated MMA as a prison sport beneath the UFC umbrella. Reinstating MMA were given right here with new laws to offer protection to opponents, along side additional banned attacks like groin strikes.

Famously Controversial Fights Where the Cup or Groin Strikes Had been Involved

Right through the early days of UFC fighting, groin strikes were not illegal. While many fanatics regarded as it as fighting “dirty”, some opponents nevertheless took advantage of this dirty switch. The UFC 4, Revenge of the Warriors struggle spotted Keith Hackney take repeated groin strikes at Joe Son to get out of a chokehold and procure keep watch over of the struggle. At the time, this was once a prison switch that the referee did not title, irrespective of a few strikes.

After the UFC made groin strikes illegal, using them in fights was once additional controversial. While numerous those hits or kicks can every so often be unintentional, they may be able to pass away referees, judges, and commentators get a divorce on how they should be handled.

Right through UFC 75, Cheick Kongo was once warned for kneeing Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic throughout the groin. Regardless of Kong receiving a warning, no problems were deducted, and he ended up successful the are compatible 29-28. 3 fights later, at UFC 92, Kongo delivered a knee strike to Mustapha Al Turk that some idea was once intentional. Earlier throughout the struggle Al Turk kneed Kongo’s groin, causing some to take a position Kongo retaliated. Kongo moreover gained this are compatible by the use of technical knockout.

The Bottom Line: Why Do MMA Fighters Placed on Cups?

Male MMA opponents are required to position on cups on account of they are showed to offer protection to against hard punches, knee jabs, and kicks. Men are additional vulnerable to groin strikes than ladies, so this extra layer of protection is not however required for women.

Whilst you plan to position on a brand spanking new cup in a respectable MMA bout, you should definitely apply with it on account of some cups would in all probability in reality really feel a little bit bit uncomfortable to start with. You should moreover take a look at a few different authorized sorts, so you’ll be able to select the cup that works best for you.

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