8 Easiest Heavy Bag Workouts for Punching Power

8 Easiest Heavy Bag Workouts for Punching Power

Heavy bag exercises are intense, high-energy, and get boxers the results they’re on the lookout for in brief and effectively. A heavy bag is a wonderful addition to an already provide workout routine, or you are able to base your training plan totally around the heavy bag.

Whether or not or no longer you may well be new to boxing, or training for a decent bout, you are going to find many benefits to figuring out with a heavy bag. If you want to get one of the crucial out of your bag categories, check out the ones workouts which are a couple of of my favorites.

The Easiest Heavy Bag Boxing Workouts

#1: 10 Awesome Heavy Bag Drills

This number one one starts off with simple techniques. If you are on the lookout for some drills to incorporate into an already provide routine, this workout gives you ten skill-focused drills to practice in your non-public time and your personal means. It’s not a timed, structured workout routine, alternatively it is going to come up with some great, high-level boxing moves to practice at your personal pace.

#2: 30 Minute Boxing Heavy Bag HIIT Workout

This 30 minute HIIT workout can have you dripping sweat. Each set follows the routine of one minute of full-intensity, and 30 seconds of lighter, reasonable intensity. Each set has two exercises and repeats thrice. You’ll transfer in an instant into the next set with a short lived damage at the 15-minute mark.

HIIT exercises are intended for 100% intensity with little breaks, so be in a position to put your all into this one. When you occur to don’t however have a heavy bag, you are able to however participate in this workout. This routine is intense enough that you are able to get an an identical results while shadowboxing.

#3: Ultimate 20 Minute Newbie Heavy Bag All Boxing Workout

If you are new to heavy bag exercises, it is a great workout to begin with. It runs all through the basic techniques of hitting the bag so you are able to continue to strengthen your abilities while staying secure and keeping off injury.

The routine is 20 minutes long, with 5 rounds. Each round is 3 minutes long, with a short lived rest in between. If you are additional complicated or returning to the sport, it is a great technique to keep your techniques fresh.

#4: 5 Fun Heavy Bag Workouts & Drills

This workout is for individuals who are just a bit additional complicated and ready to up their game. The teacher starts with a combo, and then has you pretend that combo is being thrown once more at you. You now wish to come up with blocks for every of those moves and counter once more.

This can be a great method to get your ideas running and eager about real-life sparring techniques. This may increasingly sometimes strengthen reaction time and coverage abilities while however giving you the ultimate workout.

#5: Punch Fit: Freshmen Heavy Bag Workout

Proper right here’s another one for newbies. This workout walks you by way of 9 rounds, every 3-minutes long with a one minute damage in between. You’ll get began with a solid warm-up off the bag. This promises that, as a brand spanking new boxer, you’re loosened up and ready to strike.

After the warm-up, you’ll practice some hanging techniques and then finish with combos. This workout does a perfect task development on the previous manner and continuously increasing in factor.

#6: Ultimate 20 Minute Heavy Bag Workout

This 20-minute heavy bag workout has over the top cardio combined with complicated manner. You’ll whole 9 rounds that build up intensive as you progress. Fast, 20-second breaks keep you shifting all through this complete exercise. Each round is two minutes long and objectives a definite capacity to stick you on your feet.

#7: Excellent Cardio Boxing for Freshmen

Even though this workout is best 8-minutes long, it’s another great method to practice your manner as a beginner or hone in on your abilities for many who’re additional complicated. The teacher does a perfect task utterly explaining every switch and walking you by way of what to expect. You’ll take your time perfecting every switch while however getting your heart-rate up.

#8: Boxing’s HARDEST 30 Minute HEAVY BAG Workout

Our ultimate video on the file boasts the hardest 30-minute heavy weight workout. This workout is additional complicated, alternatively the instructor welcomes boxers of all levels to try it out. This routine has 8 rounds, every at 3-minutes long.

After every round, you’ll get a 1-minute guided relax. You’ll objective a huge collection of abilities and techniques, at the side of some freestyle. The workout will get you leaner and imply you’ll be able to drop weight while moreover development mental stamina. Get ready for an over the top, heart-pounding session.

Each of the ones exercises will help strengthen your boxing abilities, whether or not or no longer you’re merely starting out or a martial-arts enthusiast.

What is a Heavy Bag?

A heavy bag is a cylindrical bag used for contact kicks and punches. You are able to gain one who hangs from the ceiling or has a weighted ground stand. The ones baggage are anywhere from 70-150 pounds, depending on your resistance needs. Heavy baggage are intended to resist your strikes, growing a smart objective associated with real-life struggle. 

What are the Benefits of a Heavy Bag Workout?

The usage of a heavy bag workout in your exercise routine has many benefits that may strengthen you physically and mentally.


Running against with a heavy bag requires over the top intensity and muscle use, which improves your endurance. You’ll objective a complete new crew of muscle tissues and discover ways to react to resistance.

Steadiness and Coordination

Because you’re hitting an actual object, your body should learn how to keep you balanced and on point for the next move. Running against this style of movement will build up your stability and coordination and beef up your capacity to bop once more.


When you hit a heavy bag, your body routinely will building up muscle use on impact. This can be a great answer to reach muscle teams and strengthen your energy. The additional you practice, the additional you’ll want to see that heavy bag switch.

Reduces Force

Any workout is in point of fact helpful for stress-relief, alternatively heavy bag exercises have an added pride of taking your frustration out on a physically object. The high-energy needed to whole the ones exercises will move away you exhausted, which is an unbelievable method to get your ideas off day-to-day drive.

Assemble On Your Boxing Ways

When you occur to’re in it for the process and boxing abilities, running against on a heavy bag will keep you on the most productive of your game. A heavy bag gives you a comparable opponent to practice sparring techniques and real-world ways.

Exact-International Talents

Whether or not or no longer you’re aware of martial arts already or just starting, the abilities you learn on a heavy bag are excellent abilities to have for life. Heavy bag exercises and boxing teach you the way in which to offer protection to yourself for many who ever want to in authentic life. Martial arts itself has a ton of superb advantages that go beyond entering into physically shape.

What Equipment Do I Need for a Heavy Bag Workout?

Most heavy bag exercises will also be performed without a heavy bag and with shadowboxing as an alternative. Shadowboxing is solely making the an identical moves alternatively throughout the air relatively than against a bag. If you want to have one of the crucial out of the ones exercises, and specifically if you are focused on energy, you’ll want to invest in a top of the range heavy bag.

To carry your punching bag, you’ll need a heavy bag mount. The ones traditionally are to be had in ceiling, wall, or I-beam formats. There are a lot of ways to carry a heavy bag, at the end of the day merely be sure that it’s protected and isn’t going to provide approach on you right through training.

There are also some alternatives for free standing heavy baggage, for many who don’t want to totally mount one for your own home MMA gymnasium.

You’ll moreover want to acquire some heavy bag gloves and hand wraps. Even though you don’t need gloves to use a heavy bag, they can protect you from injury and will let you use additional energy when training.

Problems to Imagine When Choosing a Heavy Bag Workout

No longer all exercises are the an identical. To hunt out the most productive heavy bag workout for you, you’ll want to decide what your goals are. Listed here are probably the most essential key considerations:


You’ll want to decide how so much time it is a should to decide to this exercise. Heavy bag exercises are to be had in lots of more than a few lengths. Even fast exercises will also be vastly in point of fact helpful and however get your coronary coronary heart racing.

Cardio vs. Power

Heavy bag exercises objective every cardio and gear, alternatively some focal point on but some other than the other. When you occur to’re taking a look to get leaner or drop extra pounds, you’ll want to find a workout with additional cardio. When you occur to’re taking a look to increase energy, it is conceivable you’ll be able to want to seek for a lot of repetition and a heavy-hitting workout.

Equipment Sought after

When you occur to don’t have a heavy bag, there are however lots of exercises that you are able to observe. Most exercises require a heavy bag and gloves alternatively take a look at to seem within the match that they incorporate further, an identical to resistance bands or weights.

Experience Level

In the end, you’ll want to come to a decision your enjoy level faster than beginning. There are exercises for folks the least bit different levels. Don’t take a look at the rest you’re now not ready for first of all as you should do quite a lot of too in brief and injure yourself. If you are additional complicated, you’ll want to seek for something that hard eventualities you.

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