11 Celebrities Strangely Good at Martial Arts

11 Celebrities Strangely Good at Martial Arts

Because of stunt doubles and the power of explicit effects, each and every primary actor seems like they’ve got dynamite in their fingers in a combat scene.

While there are lots of celebs who’ve choreographed a striking combo or locked up a choke-hold on set, hitting the mats day-in and day-out is a novel story.

So who can actually deal with their own when the cameras are off? Listed here are some celebrities with precise martial arts talents and strength of mind…

Guy Ritchie

Who: Film Director (Take hold of, Sherlock Holmes, The Gentlemen)

Martial Art work(s): Karate, Judo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Guy Ritchie is well-versed in loads of martial arts, in reality, he started training Karate when he used to be as soon as merely 7!  Then again his stand out achievement is the black belt in BJJ that he used to be as soon as awarded by the use of Renzo Gracie once more in 2015. Plus, RDJ and Guy Ritchie have been each and every together on the set of Sherlock Holmes – iron sharpens iron!

He’s moreover been spotted cage-side at a variety of UFC PPV events over the years and even presented Conor McGregor a role in King Arthur.

Demi Lovato

Who: Singer and Actress

Martial Art work(s): MMA

Demi Lovato’s been spherical martial arts for a long time, and along with attending UFC events, she’s been spotted hitting pads with one of the most game’s highest, along with former UFC fighter Cung Lee. Not to indicate, her ex-boyfriend is Bellator fighter, Guilherme Vasconcelos.

She even knocked out the enamel of sports activities actions analyst Jay Glazer throughout a training session! In step with Glazer, he used to be as soon as even wearing a mouthpiece at the time, so it seems like Demi can throw down! You can be ready to check out the aftermath to your self:

It sort of feels that, her favorite martial art work is BJJ and she or he’s obsessed along with her training – to the aim that she’s even taken her instructor, Orlando Sanchez, out on tour along with her.

IG: @ddlovato

Mickey Rourke

Who: Actor (Barfly, Angel Center, Sin The town, The Wrestler)

Martial Art work(s): Boxing

Rourke is an showing vet, appearing in his first film once more in 1979. Then again for all his show time, he’s got a large number of in-ring revel in, too.

Rourke boxed considerably for a long time, with an novice boxing record of 27 wins and 3 losses. He even grew to change into skilled and went undefeated in 8 bouts, with 6 wins and two draws.

Legendary boxing instructor Freddie Roach moreover trained Rourke for some time, even though it seems that, they’ve had a fairly turbulent relationship, stemming from Rourke no longer turning up to practice.

The facial transformation of Mickey Rourke is not any secret, on the other hand his surgical remedy used to be as soon as in truth something that started on account of boxing. As early for the reason that 90s boxing had taken a toll on his face and he sought after reconstructive surgical remedy to fix the wear and tear and tear.

IG: @mickey_rourke_

Tom Hardy

Who: Actor (The Dark Knight Rises, Peaky Blinders, Venom)

Martial Art work(s): MMA

Each and every different Brit, Tom Hardy, has fairly the recognition for the serious lengths he’ll transfer to when getting able for his film roles – and his glance as an MMA fighter used to be as soon as no different.

Once more in 2011 Hardy starred throughout the film Warrior where he carried out a vicious MMA competitor who had to combat his estranged brother in ‘Sparta’, a $5,000,000 MMA match. By the use of any necessities Hardy’s training for the placement used to be as soon as intense, in an interview with The Mum or dad, Hardy discussed…

‘I did two hours boxing a day, two hours muay thai, two hours jiu jitsu followed by the use of two hours choreography and two hours of weightlifting, seven days a week, for three months.’

Then again Hardy didn’t stop training when film production used to be as soon as over. If truth be told, throughout the lead-up to filming his superstar place in Venom, he used to be as soon as training up to 5x a week with skilled MMA fighter Nathan ‘Mr. Bag and Tag’ Jones.

IG: @tomhardy

Wiz Khalifa

Who: Rapper, Singer and Actor

Martial Art work(s): Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Wiz’s most renowned music, ‘Black And Yellow’, lately sits at over 300 million YouTube views. So between his music-making and public interest for marijuana (he spends $10,000 a month on it), you’ll be surprised to learn he moreover has the time for some critical martial arts training.

Wiz says he first started with BJJ and trained constantly for a few months. Then again he actually caught the bug when he began Muay Thai, and he’s now training up to 3 hours a day. That comprises pad art work categories with Muay Thai legend Saenchai.

Speaking to Joe Rogan, Wiz says he received over 40lbs since he started training. Judging from his training pics that amount doesn’t look to include so much fat!

IG: @wizkhalifa

Robert Downey Junior

Who: Actor (Tropic Thunder, Iron Man, Sherlock Holmes)

Martial Art work(s): Wing Chun

Howdy, is it actually that unexpected that Iron Man can throw fingers?

Perhaps no longer. Then again in truth, RDJ started honing his martial arts talents a few years previous than the main film throughout the Iron Man franchise hit our presentations. He’s been training with a Wing Chun picket stick dummy since 2005 and has publicly credited his training with helping him control his private demons.

As grounded as RDJ would in all probability seem nowadays, he’s got a storied earlier along with a variety of arrests, a stint in prison, and a couple of pretty critical battles with substance abuse and dependancy. In step with him, numerous the willpower he’s complex is a result of his Wing Chun practice, and he has a deep, long-standing love for the art work form.

RDJ incorporated a couple of of his Wing Chun talents into each and every his roles in Sherlock Holmes and the Iron Man films. If truth be told, throughout the filming of Sherlock Holmes, he spent important time training with famous Wing Chun Practitioner Eric Oram, each so steadily as incessantly as 6 cases per week.

IG: @robertdowneyjr

Henry Cavill

Who: Actor (Man of Steel Problem Unattainable: Fallout)

Martial Art work(s): Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing

British actor Henry Cavill is most renowned for his place as Superman in films from the DC Extended Universe franchise. And while the Man of Steel might not be identified for his grappling chops, Henry Cavill seems to have added a brand spanking new wrinkle to Superman’s game.

Cavill incessantly trains Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and can incessantly be spotted rolling with legends of the game like Roger and Renzo Gracie.

He’s moreover got some boxing revel in, on the other hand BJJ is his true interest. To quote Cavill himself:

‘Jiu-Jitsu has a way of kicking your arse and making you adore it for the lessons you found out! Kinda like mother nature…or a big brother whom you pissed off one too over and over again. So good to be once more on the mats.’

IG: @henrycavill

Ed O’Neill

Who: Actor (Married… with youngsters, Fashionable Family)

Martial Art work(s): Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

O’Neill is most renowned for his roles in two wildly usual sitcom presentations, Married… with Youngsters and Fashionable Family.

Then again while he would in all probability no longer look similar to your typical martial artist, he’s a monster on the mats. In particular for an individual in his seventies!

Ed O’Neill is a BJJ black belt. And no longer slightly under anybody – O’Neill received his black belt underneath Rorion Gracie, the entire way back in 2007.

If you didn’t know, Rorion is a outstanding member of the Gracie family and regarded as certainly one of only some folks on the earth to hold a 9th-degree red belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He’s moreover effectively referred to as being one of the most men accountable for introducing Brazilian Jiu-jitsu to the United States.

IG: @_edoneill

Kevin James

Who: Actor (The King of Queens, Kevin Can Wait)

Martial Art work(s): MMA, Muay Thai

Like Tom Hardy, Kevin James moreover got the risk to extend his martial arts game throughout his day procedure as an actor. In preparation for his place in Proper right here Comes The Build up, where he carried out an MMA fighter – James trained at the world-famous, Kings MMA gymnasium.

Kings MMA is headed up by the use of Rafael Cordeiro and trains one of the most international’s highest MMA combatants. Right now, perennial UFC middleweight contender Kelvin Gastulem trains at Kings, as does Marvin Vettori and Beneil Dariush. So James used to be as soon as in good fingers!

Even previous than Proper right here Comes The Build up, James used to be as soon as a diehard MMA fan and feature been training once in a while. And while the film were given right here out once more in 2012, James nevertheless trains to at the moment – mainly in Muay Thai.

IG: @kevinjamesofficial

Katheryn Winnick

Who: Actress (Vikings, The Art work of the Thieve, Polar)

Martial Art work(s): Taekwondo

Winnick started training Taekwondo at merely 7 years earlier and got her first black belt at best 13 years of age. She later grew to change into her talents proper right into a business and had started 3 Taekwondo schools by the use of the age of 21.

I guess it will have to come as no wonder to learn that she does all her non-public stunts.

Winnick nevertheless teaches martial arts at the moment. If truth be told, Winnick and her brother have simply in recent times opened their own system for girls empowered self-defense training – referred to as Winkai Self Protection.

IG: @katherynwinnick

Joe Rogan

Who: Podcaster, Stand Up Comedian, Commentator

Martial Art work(s): Taekwondo, BJJ

Ok, so in all probability this one’s cheating a bit of.

Then again Rogan is a star in his non-public correct, way past the world of MMA. Through the years I’ve spoken with many enthusiasts who merely don’t know the way deep his skillset is.

Joe educated in Taekwondo religiously from a young age and has discussed on his podcast that for a couple of years it used to be as soon as principally his entire life.  He competed on the United States national circuit, along with changing into a multiple-time state champion.

As he grew older he realised that Taekwondo alone wasn’t enough for a complete, well-rounded game, and he started training in grappling. He’s now a Black Belt underneath Jiu-jitsu savant Eddie Bravo and his 10th Planet BJJ system.

There’s moreover pictures online of Rogan teaching Georges St. Pierre method for the turning sidekick. GSP is arguably the GOAT of MMA – helping to strengthen the method of anyone of his caliber speaks volumes about Rogan’s talents.

IG: @joerogan

So there we have now now it, necessarily essentially the most unhealthy celebrities on the earth! Who would you wish to have by the use of your aspect if a brawl broke out?

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