Tyson Fury vs. Hafthor ‘Thor’ Bjornsson exhibition are compatible throughout the works for November in London

Tyson Fury vs. Hafthor ‘Thor’ Bjornsson exhibition are compatible throughout the works for November in London

By means of Charles Brun: Tyson Fury will probably be combating an exhibition are compatible against tough man, weight lifter, and boxer Hafthor ‘Thor’ Bjornsson in November in a stadium fight in London.

WBC heavyweight champion Fury (32-0-, 23 KOs) urged the Telegraph that he hopes 70,000 lovers will turn up to watch him fight the 33-year-old Thor Bjornsson. That’s an daring amount for a fight which may be a mismatch, and it’s unclear if it’ll do even 15,000.

It’s a given that Fury vs. Bjornsson will probably be confirmed on pay-per-view, and it’s going to be hilarious if it fails to bring in more than a handful of buys.

This exhibition it’ll most likely be a big failure if the promoters try to peddle it to U.S boxing lovers for an $80 ticket. A fight like that most simple makes sense if it’s without cost and if it’s packaged with a certified wrestling card.

Americans aren’t going to buy this garbage on account of they know upper. They know a rip-off once they see one. Perhaps Fury’s lovers in the UK will achieve it in huge numbers, alternatively not U.S lovers.

With Fury maintaining the WBC identify hostage, choosing to take exhibition fights somewhat than protective it against the very best contenders, the World Boxing Council must stand up on their hindlegs and strip him of his belt somewhat than letting him freeze his belt for a money-grab.

Fury isn’t announcing whether or not or now not the admission to the advance will probably be without cost or not, as he’s been talking about combating Anthony Joshua without cost. That’s now not in point of fact to be the case.

“It’d be great to get in there in front of 70,000 lovers and show him what boxing is all about. Make him cross over and knock him out,” discussed Fury to The Telegraph.

It’s disappointing that Fury, 33, is following the Floyd Mayweather Jr trail by way of grabbing money combating non-boxers in circus events. It’s believed that Fury is able to cash out against the Anthony Joshua vs. Oleksandr Usyk II rematch winner.

Every other people consider that Deontay Wilder took away Fury’s hunger to fight talented opposition after he knocked him down 4 events in their 3 fights and was once robbed of 2 KO victories. Wilder knocked Fury out throughout the 12th round in their first fight and the fourth round in their trilogy are compatible.

After the punishment Wilder dished out in his 3 fights with Fury, the ‘Gypsy King’ doesn’t want it anymore. He’s searching for each exhibition fits against the old-looking Thor and UFC fighter Francis Ngannou. After Fury’s exhibition against Thorm, which will probably be a shaggy dog story, he’ll fight the Joshua-Usyk 2 winner, as long as it’s AJ that comes out on top.

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