Teofimo Lopez Sr fires once more at “haters” criticizing Teo

Teofimo Lopez Sr fires once more at “haters” criticizing Teo

Via Dan Ambrose: Instructor Teofimo Lopez Sr. is still inside the hurt regulate mode, making an attempt to explain why Teo out of place his last battle against George Kambosos Jr. last November.

As a substitute of that specialize in Teofimo’s next opponent Pedro Campa for their headliner this Saturday on ESPN, Lopez Sr. is still having a look to influence the doubters that his son was once as soon as badly injured in his loss to Kambosos.

Teofimo Sr says Teo fought with a broken elbow and a tear in his esophagus for the Kambosos battle.

Fans generally is a bit of additional forgiving of former unified lightweight champion Teofimo (16-1, 12 KOs) if he’s stayed at 135 long enough to try and avenge the loss.

“What happened inside the remainder battle, the ones idiots don’t understand and didn’t listen the doctor say that he had a scenario. He will have to have been inside the ICU instead of being inside the ring,” mentioned Teofimo Lopez Sr to Fighthub TV about Teo’s loss to George Kambosos Jr.

“Should you occur to don’t understand that, you’re a hater; you’re dumb, retarded, or regardless of it is. He [Teofimo] had a topic where he’ll have died in that battle. He had a topic where he shouldn’t have been even one round preventing.

“Even the doctor mentioned he will have to have been in ICU instead of being in that battle. So how am I supposed to have the same opinion my son if my son can’t breathe and when my son has two holes in his body?

“I’m unwell & fed up on this, and that’s why we’re moving up to 140 to show all the world when my son is at ease at a weight. We had him 9 years at 135.

“That’s just about remarkable. I would love you to name me one fighter that has accomplished that. Stay at one division for 9 years and no longer be hurt. We hurt him. You already know why. With these types of postponements with Kambosos at 135 was once as soon as if truth be told killing him.

“He dehydrated, he drained himself, and thank god we however have him alive to entertain the crowd. We just about out of place him. He was once as soon as 5 days inside the ICU. He wasn’t bettering because of his oxygen levels weren’t coming up.

“Folks don’t see. ‘Ah man, he’s making excuses.’ He had a broken elbow in that battle. We didn’t say now not anything else about that because of everyone seems to be always hurt after they battle,” mentioned Teofimo Sr.

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