Sulaiman Explains Why WBC Charges 3% Fees To Its Titlists: ‘The entire thing Goes Once more To Boxing’

Sulaiman Explains Why WBC Charges 3% Fees To Its Titlists: ‘The entire thing Goes Once more To Boxing’

Mauricio Sulaiman is eager to send skeptics of his team an accounting of its price range.

The top of the Mexico The city-based Global Boxing Council, one of the crucial 4 number one sanctioning our our bodies in boxing, was once as soon as in recent years brought on to give protection to how his company conducts its industry. The WBC was once as soon as started by means of Sulaiman’s father José in 1963.

n specific, Sulaiman was once as soon as asked to consider remarks made by means of former two-division titlist and Hall of Famer Andre Ward. In an interview with Kate Abdo earlier this 12 months, Ward expressed dissatisfaction with sanctioning our our bodies and puzzled the fees they routinely levy on their beltholders. The WBC, for example, charges 3% any time one amongst its champions gets inside the ring.

Sulaiman cited a slew of the reason why the WBC charges 3%, from overhead expenses to humanitarian artwork, to investigate, to developments in girls’s boxing, and so forth.

“Neatly that’s how it [fee percentage] was once as soon as initially structured 60 years up to now, so I will have to ask 60 years up to now [the people who came up with it],” Sulaiman said jokingly on The DAZN Boxing Show. “In all probability we will have to fee 5 or 10 percent.

“What we do the whole lot goes once more to boxing. From amateur boxing—we do a large number of problems in amateurs. We do a large number of problems in professional [boxing] in 175 countries. And we care for our private. We care for the elderly warring parties which might be going via difficult events, they’ve no longer extra money. They each spent it all or make very little. Alternatively any individual inside the industry can get right to use the WBC for humanitarian lend a hand.

“As I said we have now such a large amount of committees. We are funding research for women’s boxing and we are far and wide with the whole lot and that costs money. Now we now have six personnel in Mexico The city. We wish to pay rent, we wish to pay control, and the committees and the research.”

Sulaiman added that he may also be more than prepared to send “proof” to those that harbor suspicion regarding the WBC’s financial dealings. Sulaiman listed a few additional important initiatives he says the WBC has spearheaded in boxing, harking back to its efforts in anti-doping protocol.

“Any individual that wishes to look what we do with the money they are welcome to look and we can send them all the proof,” Sulaiman said. “WBC is the one that presented [fights from] 15 [rounds] to 12 rounds, [implemented] day-before weigh in, the 4 ropes inside the ring, the changes to the gloves, the anti-doping.

“We spend a lot of money on anti-doping inside the Clean Boxing Program. Now we now have a weight keep an eye on program. Now we now have a large number of amount of social responsibility ways and that’s where the money goes. It is performed on behalf of every single fighter who ever fought for the WBC.”

Sulaiman understands that some critics may not ever be satisfied with sanctioning our our bodies so long as they are reaping a financial get advantages.

“Every time there is money [involved], an organization is going to be bad,” Sulaiman said.” Alternatively we merely live with it. I will be able to most simple communicate for the WBC.”

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