Kambosos is confident of beating Haney in a rematch on October 16th

Kambosos is confident of beating Haney in a rematch on October 16th

By means of Adam Baskin: George Kambosos Jr. is confident that he’ll turn problems spherical in his rematch with undisputed lightweight champion Devin Haney on October 16th and avenge his defeat from last June.

Kambsoso (20-1, 10 KOs) admits that he wasn’t living throughout the trenches last time he fought Haney (28-0, 15 KOs), which will have attributed to his lack of good fortune.

It’s unclear if the sudden recognition got in the best way wherein of Kambosos training the best way wherein he needed to be, then again this time, he says he’s going to be out of sight, focusing utterly on his training.

“Certain problems didn’t transfer the correct method, then again that’s no longer for me to seem once more on,” said Kambosos to Battle Hub TV. “I’m looking for the long term, and I know what I do highest.

“I know with the folks I have spherical me; I’ll be victorious on October 16th. It’s really excellent for me now. I would not have any commitments. I’m low-key, out of sight, out of reach. Everybody appears to be knocking, on the lookout for where Kambosos is.

I’m once more to where I’ve at all times been throughout the trenches. When I said it faster than that I was throughout the trenches, I was lying. I admit that. I was certainly not throughout the trenches.

“So this time, I’m once more to what was familiar and plus additional on account of when an individual loses the whole thing off him, he becomes unhealthy. Now, he’s got no longer the rest to lose. The entire thing he does is in that ring and in life. He’s bringing the best.

“That’s for October 16th. I’ll do my talking throughout the ring,” said Kambosos when asked how he’ll negate Haney’s jab. “Out of reach out of sight.

“I’m a big fan of Usyk and a big fan of Anthony Joshua as well. Everyone was saying in regards to the meltdown, then again that’s merely delight and passion,” said Kambosos about Joshua’s odd conduct after the combat.

“There’s such a lot on the line for us combatants. Every so often if problems don’t transfer right kind, for the whole person, nobody gets to see. Alternatively for us combatants, if problems don’t transfer right kind, all the global gets to see, tens of thousands and thousands get to see.

“There’s at all times a large number of pressure. Joshua could be once more. Usyk, I know Tyson Fury wishes that combat. For the boxing Gods, please make that combat happen,” said Kambosos.

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