FURY 3 vs GRAPPLING Live Stream


FURY 3 vs GRAPPLING Live Stream

The child is back on UFC FIGHT PASS and no one is more joyful to bring him home than Fury Pro Grappling president, Rob Hayduk.

Subsequent to intriguing numerous with his versatility and ground game on Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series, Chase Hooper inked a formative arrangement that kept him on UFC FIGHT PASS and aided the 18-year-old hone up before a possible UFC marking.

Hooper’s first stop was Atlantic City for his first significant test at CFFC 71.

Hooper would exceed everyone’s expectations of Lashawn Alcocks and procure a split draw. While Hooper would stay undefeated, it would be the principal imperfection to his record, and he was set for battle at Island Fights four months after the fact.

Hooper would just battle for CFFC one time, however, later four battles in the UFC, Cage Fury would approach the now boomer-Esque 22-year-old Hooper to join the analysis group with CM Punk. It has all the earmarks of being a long way from the last time “The Dream” will wind up behind the mic, and presently they’re approaching him for one more job.

Hooking SuperFight.

Hooper takes on the previously positioned featherweight turned lightweight, Renato Moicano, in a “imagines a scenario in which” match that has both Hooper and Haydak energized and up in the air.

“We introduced him the chance and he resembled, ‘Get me a truly intense battle. I need a decent matchup,'” Hayduk said. “Renato was accessible, and it met up with zero faltering.”

With what will be the most significant level of MMA contender Hooper has at any point confronted, Moicano is likewise liable to be inclined toward on the ground. Truth be told, in 11 battles in the UFC, Moicano has gone 7-4, with four of his wins stopping by accommodation.

In addition to the fact that Hooper brushes off the worry, yet he really searched out the (on paper) befuddle.

“That is the thing that’s generally energizing with regards to hooking – that individuals appear to need to test themselves more than to come in and get a payday,” Hayduk said.

However, try not to allow the experience to trick you. Since Moicano has battled and submitted more significant levels of adversaries than Hooper has in his sprouting profession, “The Dream” is the genuine article.

At 22, the wiry featherweight has effectively indented five profession entries of his own and is one of the divisional surprisingly strong contenders with regards to BJJ ability.

To say Moicano has the edge is presumably exact however to go a lot farther than that is doing yourself an unfairness. It never pays to discount the contender previously known as “The Teenage Dream.”

“I’ve had individuals say, ‘For what reason would you set Chase in there against Renato Moicano? That is an awful matchup for him,'” Haydak snickered. “I’m similar to, ‘I don’t think you comprehend the game then since Chase is incredibly hard on the ground.'”

Get Chase Hooper versus Renato Moicano at Fury Pro Grappling 3, Thursday, December 30 at 4:30 pm PT, ONLY on UFC FIGHT PASS!

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