Hearn Disagrees That Eubank-Benn Is Similar To Golovkin-Brook

Hearn Disagrees That Eubank-Benn Is Similar To Golovkin-Brook

Eddie Hearn is aware that the in recent years offered British super struggle between Chris Eubank Jr. and Hearn’s shopper Conor Benn resembles a struggle Hearn promoted years up to now.

Hearn merely doesn’t assume the similarities dangle so much water.

Eubank, the longtime middleweight and super middleweight contender, will take on Benn, a occupation welterweight, at a 156-pound catchweight bout on Oct. 8 at O2 Arena in London on DAZN Pay-In step with-View. The struggle figures to draw outsize attention not most simple as a result of the hard-charging types of the fighters, however moreover as a result of their outstanding lineage. Their fathers— champions Nigel Benn and Chris Eubank Sr.—were sworn blood competition from their two fights throughout the early 1990s.

Some critics have known, then again, that Eubank-Benn smacks of a few different struggle that Hearn promoted previously: the 2016 middleweight bout between Gennadiy Golovkin and Kell Brook. Like Benn, Brook used to be as soon as a welterweight who moved up to 160 to drawback Golovkin for his middleweight titles. In what grew to turn into out to be a flagrant mismatch, Brook, whom Hearn promoted, used to be as soon as stopped brutally throughout the fifth round and as well as sustained a broken orbital bone. Even supposing Benn will meet Eubank at a catchweight at 156, some observers truly really feel that his strengths will likely be sorely decreased at the higher weight, not to indicate the risks the smaller fighter will likely be taking on thru going thru a puncher.

While Hearn conceded that there are similarities between the two fights, he believes the comparison falls apart when one considers Eubank’s actual skill.

“I’ve spotted a couple of other folks say, oh it is a mistake, this is like Gennadiy Golovkin in opposition to Kell Brook,” Hearn said on The DAZN Boxing Show. “I know the weight is the same, a welterweight jumping up to middleweight, even though this struggle isn’t at the middleweight limit, on the other hand Chris Eubank Jr., he’s well beatable, well beatable, and he’s well beatable for Conor Benn.

“It’s a tough struggle. Eubank has a very good chin. He’s very have compatibility, he has a very good engine, on the other hand it is a tremendous matchup that can catch fireside from round one.”

Hearn said that he has self trust in Benn (21-0, 14 KOs) to tug off the win over Eubank (32-2, 23KOs) as a result of the fact that he routinely spars—and punishes—his middleweight sparring partners throughout the gymnasium.

“I know sparring’s sparring,” Hearn said. “[Benn] ain’t sparring no welterweights throughout the gymnasium. He’s sparring large middleweights and he’s taking them out. So we take a look at this struggle differently.”

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