“Golovkin Beating Jaime Munguia Would Get Him Back On Top” – De La Hoya

“Golovkin Beating Jaime Munguia Would Get Him Back On Top” – De La Hoya

By Dan Ambrose: Oscar De La Hoya wishes Gennadiy Golovkin to stroll the plank via way of means of taking over the more youthful 26-year-antique Jaime Munguia in his subsequent combat.

De La Hoya feels that Munguia (forty-0, 32 KOs) preventing Golovkin could be a win-win for the game, in particular if he have been to defeat the forty-year-antique, who’s coming off a loss to Canelo Alvarez remaining month on September 17th.

Oscar says that if Golovkin have been to win, he could be proper lower back on pinnacle of the game among the elites, and that`s type of difficult to agree with due to the fact his current performances advocate otherwise.

Even if Golovkin may want to discover the fountain of adolescents to defeat Munguia, he’ll now no longer defeat opponents like Jermall Charlo, Demetrius Andrade, Chris Eubank Jr, or Zhanibek Alimkhanuly. Golovkin can`t pull the cause any more on his shots.

“I suppose Golovkin considering the fact that plenty of Mexicans love him and has a big fan base assist base with the Mexicans and Kazahstan, and he`s a international fighter,” stated Oscar De La Hoya to Fight Hub TV. “I suppose a combat towards Jaime Munguia could be best for each men due to the fact it might be movement.

“Golovkin beating Jaime Munguia could get him lower back on pinnacle, and among the diehard boxing fans, he could be on pinnacle of the arena again. Golovkin

“Imagine if Jaime Munguia beats or knocks out Golovkin, then it may be a win-win for boxing, and it`s a high-quality combat for the game.

De La Hoya bored via way of means of Canelo-Golovkin III

“It become boring; it become slow,” stated De La Hoya approximately Canelo`s trilogy suit towards forty-year-antique Gennadiy Golovkin remaining month on September 17th.

“I certainly anticipated Canelo to knock him out. I went out of my manner to mention Canelo`s going to knock him out due to the fact that`s precisely how I felt, and that`s precisely what he must have done.

“I become amazed GGG got here out withinside the remaining rounds and attempted to press the movement and attempt to complete the combat strong. But that`s why I`ve been reading this combat left and proper due to the fact I love boxing. I`m a historian of boxing.

“Golovkin Beating Jaime Munguia Would Get Him Back On Top” – De La Hoya

“The truth that Canelo simplest threw one punch at a time become quite extraordinary to me. Maybe he become distracted, or perhaps he become now no longer educated properly. Maybe he didn`t have the proper recreation plan. I`m now no longer sure.

“But if Canelo throws 3, 4, and 5-punch combos and presses the movement and has the conditioning, he knocks out GGG, fingers down. He hasn`t been throwing combos, so perhaps there`s been some thing taking place personally. Who knows?

“I recollect as a fighter, I become the toughest employee in town, much like Canelo is. But if you`re distracted, when you have issues, if some thing goes on personally. Who knows? That may be a burden on you, that may be a big distraction and the stress of being the face of boxing. It`s a lot.

“I`m blessed, and I`m amazed I lasted this lengthy on pinnacle of the sport being the face for such a lot of years. I can see the entirety from the out of doors now. It`s plenty of stress.

“That`s why I stated that Canelo goes to knock him out due to the fact Golovkin isn`t a forty-year-antique like while [Bernard] Hopkins become forty years antique,” stated De La Hoya while requested if it become anticipated Canelo could knock out Golovkin due to the fact he become so antique.

“He`s an antique forty. Bernard Hopkins become a younger forty. GGG has been in wars, and his novice resume is extensive. It`s plenty of time withinside the ring. It`s plenty of punishment, and it`s plenty of education and wear & tear. Father time catches as much as you, and that`s it.

“If Canelo had taken gain of that, he could have knocked him out. He [Golovkin] has a high-quality chin, however no person can live to tell the tale a superbly positioned frame shot. A lot of high-quality champions have long past down, such as myself.

“I could by no means be one to mention, `Go retire.` I could by no means say that to anyone due to the fact it`s a private choice that you need to make as a fighter yourself,” stated De La Hoya while requested if Golovkin must retire.

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