George Kambosos tells Teofimo Lopez: “Stop being a b****”

George Kambosos tells Teofimo Lopez: “Stop being a b****”

Thru Jim Calfa: George Kambosos Jr took to social media to tell Teofimo Lopez to “save you being a b***” with the best way wherein he’s bellyaching about how he was once as soon as injured previous than & during his loss to him remaining November.

Kambosos says Teofimo appeared “great” previous than the struggle and when he sent him to the ICU later. As far as Kambosos is anxious, Teofimo should take his loss “like an individual” and prevent making excuses.

Former unified lightweight champion Teofimo (16-1, 12 KOs) looked like he was once as soon as going to cry when telling Mark Kriegel about how he fought with an hurt during his 12-round minimize up resolution loss to Kambosos. To very best it off, Teofimo added that he idea he deserved the win, no longer Kambosos.

The only issue that was once as soon as missing was once as soon as violin track inside the background while Teo moaned about his heroic act.

Teofimo it will likely be fighting next month on August 13th on ESPN against an obscure journeyman fighter Pedro Campa (34-1-1, 23 KOs) at the Lodging World Las Vegas, Las Vegas.

Mark Kriegel: You fought Kambosos with a scenario known as Pneumomediastinum, [which is] air in your chest hole area & neck. The doctor discussed your lucky to be alive.”

Teofimo Lopez: “Surely, I am. Every doctor that sees my file says, ‘How the hell did you continue to exist that?”

Kriegel: “Will have to your son have been inside the ring?”

Lopez Sr: “No. The least bit.”

Kriegel: “The most certainly goal was once as soon as a tear in your esophagus while you have been rehydrating.”

Teofimo Jr: “I’m eating water, and a couple of minutes later, my tone of voice changed. So, I started touching my neck. The next issue I know, it’s so swollen that it’s a must to tell something happened.”

Lopez Sr: “I suggested him, ‘Let’s move to the emergency room and check it out. He made up our minds no longer to take a look at this.”

Teofimo Jr: “The thing is that the amount of postponements, the amount of force.”

Kriegel: “You put your life in jeopardy thru going into the ring.”

Teofimo Jr: “Yeah, I decided.”

Kriegel: “Will have to it is your teacher or your coaches’ variety?”

Teofimo Jr: “If a fighter is going to transport out, a fighter is going to transport out. That’s what the decision is.”

Lopez Sr: “I will be able to must have on no account let him struggle. I will be able to must have taken control over the positioning additional. I let people dictate problems that shouldn’t have happened.”

Kriegel: “Wasn’t it your responsibility to say, ‘We ain’t fighting.’

Lopez Sr: “I did tell him. I suggested him even inside the struggle.”

Kriegel: “Alternatively isn’t it your responsibility to overrule him?”

Lopez Sr: “He would have on no account talked to me.”

Teofimo Jr: “So during the seventh round, I look up at the lighting, and I merely say to God, ‘I would really like your lend a hand proper right here on account of I’m about to do something that I’m no longer built to do, and that’s surrender.’ 3 rounds later, I put that little b*** on his knees.”

Kriegel: “Was it a mistake to struggle?”

Teofimo Lopez: “It was once as soon as the most productive variety that I ever made up our minds to do in my life.”

Kriegel: “You just about died.”

Teofimo Jr: “Very good. I sought after that.”

Kriegel: “You needed to just about die?”

Teofimo Jr: “To know how dark and perilous people actually are on account of I received that struggle irrespective of the subject. The referee idea so. He raised my hand previous than they known as out Kambosos. As a fighter, you wish to have to overcome the champion. He didn’t do enough to triumph over the champion.”

Kriegel: “Who beat then you definately?”

Teofimo Lopez: “The only one who beat me is myself, and that’s it. This is my sport. I have something that the ones other fighters don’t have. That IT factor, and that’s why God has blessed me to come back again once more and do what I do absolute best; entertain.’”

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