Bob Arum  says Tyson Fury “NOT” fighting Derek Chisora next

Bob Arum  says Tyson Fury “NOT” fighting Derek Chisora next

By way of Charles Brun: Promoter Bob Arum says Tyson Fury is just having a laugh with the media about his keep in touch of fighting Derek Chisora next. Arum states that the combat that they’re in a position on is the August 20th Anthony Joshua vs. Oleksandr Usyk rematch.

That’s the combat that Arum will try to make for Fury (32-0-1, 23 KOs) next, as long as the Joshua-Usyk winner is banged up and desires time to recuperate from their injuries.

Arum says that once Fury will rise up inside the morning, he plans on discover ways to rile up the media along with his claims. Tuesday’s statement from Fury about wanting to combat the 38-year-old journeyman Chisora was obviously further troll stuff from him.

What made it glaring that Fury was pulling the chains of the media & enthusiasts was him pronouncing that Isaac Lowe is his new instructor. If Fury were to switch out his provide instructor Sugarhill Steward, he’d do it with an established instructor.

“If truth be told that he’ll rise up inside the morning, and he figures how he can perfect imaginable fan the flames of s***,” Bob Arum said to Struggle Freaks Unite Tyson Fury “He’s having a laugh.”

You got to marvel how Chisora feels about Fury using him as a pawn to anger the boxing public. Aside from Chisora was in on the gag, he perhaps believed that Fury was excited about wanting to combat him.

When Chisora finds out what Arum said about Fury merely having a look to disillusioned folks, he’s nearly no doubt going to be made about it. Fury got Chisora excited about a trilogy are compatible between them.

“In spite of everything not,” Arum said. “No longer the rest. What are we, crazy? Everyone seems to be having a look forward to the combat to happen a week from Saturday, and then we’ll uncover whether or not or no longer it’s imaginable to do a combat for the entire unification. He’s having a laugh, for Christ’s sake! Don’t take it seriously!

And because he’ll get such a large amount of hits on a lot of these (social media) platforms, he has a built-in target market,” said Arum.

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