Anthony Joshua Should not Take Tyson Fury Fight Now Says Gareth A Davies

Anthony Joshua Should not Take Tyson Fury Fight Now Says Gareth A Davies

By means of Barry Holbrook: Anthony Joshua shouldn’t take the fight with Tyson Fury, says Gareth A Davies, on account of it may well be “unwise” for him to do so given his career scenario after his two losses to Oleksandr Usyk.

Fury’s final date of the day gone by has come and lengthy long gone, and given his silence on the subject; it means that Joshua (24-3, 22 KOs) and his promoter Eddie Hearn have made up our minds to reject his offer.

Regardless of likelihood there was in making the fight, it went to pieces after Fury decided on to use hardball negotiating tactics in conjunction with his Thursday final date and his answer to reject Joshua’s request of December 17th and insist on November twenty 6th or December 3rd.

If Fury is sensible, he’ll be told from this and make sure he doesn’t employ the equivalent crude negotiating tactics with Joshua sooner or later. Joshua isn’t going to bow the entire approach right down to Fury’s deadlines and switching of dates.

“It doesn’t make sense. It’s an endgame fight for him to face Fury in December, even if Fury has the same opinion to December 17th,” discussed Gareth A Davies to Pro Boxing Fans about Anthony Joshua.

“It doesn’t make sense. He [Joshua] will have to rebuild and move and knock out a couple of other people, have a couple of superb performances, fight Dillian Whyte and fight Deontay Wilder, possibly.

“The Fury fight will all the time be there. There’s now not enough time for him [Joshua] to get in a position. It’s very unwise to take it now on account of if he did lose or did get knocked out, it’s very tricky to look where he’s going from there.

“Where he actually goes from there, and he has new paymasters at DAZN. They’ve offered him a multi-fight, multi-year deal. I’m talking business proper right here; I’m talking from his perspective. If I was his promoter, I might be saying, ‘Stay away.’

“Why isn’t  Usyk preventing Fury in December? Because of he’s now not in a position on account of he needs time, and Joshua needs time. He will have to rebuild, individually.

“There’s the other facet where other people say, ‘It’s his likelihood to be a three-weight world champion right away. He doesn’t will have to rebuild.’ It doesn’t artwork like that, I’m afraid. I consider it’s very unwise to take that fight at the moment.

“I consider there’s a one or two percent likelihood that fight is going to get made over the next 24 hours. I can now not see it,” discussed Davies.

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